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  1. Tropheus Polli Katumba 3- 5cm $70 ea Available now i beleive the only ones ever collected . i am yet to do some pics myself. Parents can be veiwed on YouTube channel tropheus anonymous located Perth A big thank you to African Diving Ltd for giving permission to use this image.
  2. Try Jim Marinos in sydney hes the best for petros youll find him on facebook or pm me i can give you his contact details
  3. F1 Tropheus Brichardi Ulwile. 3- $20 F1 Tropheus Moorii Chikonde 3-5cm $30 F1 Tropheus Moorii Chaitika (Blue Rainbow) 3-5cm $35 F1 Tropheus sp. Maculartis Lusingu - yellow 3-5cm $30 F1 Tropheus sp Red Moliro. 3-5cm $6 F1 Tropheus sp Red Katete 3-5cm $25 F1 Tropheus sp Black Leuba 3-5cm $20 F1 Tropheus sp Black Caramba 3-4 cm $35 F1 Tropheus sp black Ikola 3-4 cm $15 F1 Tropheus Mipimbwe Katondo red cheek 3- 4 cm $30 most parents on yt channel tropheus anonymous shipping available min 15 fish located Perth
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