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  1. Nice, Grover. Good of you to rehome them like that, I'm sure an angry Peacock Bass or similar would have enjoyed the task, but spreading the love works also
  2. Damn, not the Toga! Haven't been on for a while and thought I'd catch up, only to see my favorite billabong inhabitant went belly up At least everything else seems to be going smoothly Grover. What's the long term plan for the goldies?
  3. Any ideas as to cause of death Grover? Natural or could it be a case of... murder :0
  4. that's very cool mate, would have to be my favourite fish in the Billabong. Love what you've done with this, a pool with GG and a Toga is right up there. But that's the big fish enthusiast deep down in me coming out.
  5. This'll be stunning with a couple of rays and something big swimming around with them! Can't wait for updates mate
  6. If you were in Morook maybe mate, but Moorooka is a whole new ball game distance wise I'm pretty well set on getting a couple of trios, but was at the LFS today and started considering the possibility of Male platinum guppys x Female Black Moscows. Any guppy people know have any idea how that'd go? I'll most likely stick with endlers (leaning toward chilli or black bar atm) but the platinums and black moscows are very pretty fish
  7. Considering setting up a 3ft Endler aquarium, moving in some Frogbit, Java Moss and Java fern. Would be a no fuss tank with hardy plants, minimal maintenance and hopefully an ever growing population of fish Would also consider guppys if I found the right ones... But I'm curious as to WHY I should keep Endlers? How do they act? What are your experiences with them? Any other ideas? Cheers QLDAF
  8. One day i'll log in and there will be fry, one day... On ya Grover, Glad to see it's all still running. Is the 'toga still around?
  9. Looking to have a crack at breeding some Red texas. Ideally I will start with some F1 stock and go from there but I get the feeling they will be hard to source in S.A. So I may just have to start with a Escondido and KKP. I was just wondering what size tanks people use for; a) Holding adult broodstock and breeding the pair? I've got a couple of 90X50X50 growout tanks at the ready for fry but I figure I will need bigger tanks for the Texas and KKP. So yeah, what do you do or what would you recommend one do tank space wise when trying to start breeding some decent hybrids?
  10. For a community I'd definitely have a Polleni in their, although not an "American" in the true sense of the word. Extremely personable, stunning and not psycho. If it were my tank and I wanted to keep Americans, a big pair of Umbee would be my choice. Love those fish, they just need big tanks. Outside of cichlids on Top of my list though would be a Mangrove Jack. Big f**k off toothy psychopaths with more attitude than Mike Tyson. One day I will own one, one day...
  11. It'll take a bit of breeding to work out which fish carry the defective gene or not nut you should be able to.find it eventually. I'd suggest drawing up some punnet squares as they are easy to work with and will give you a visualisation of what's going on.
  12. [MENTION=2304]Eric A[/MENTION] Hadn't noticed any breeding behaviours from the Venustus. The eggs in the Tandanus were definitely its own eggs, they weren't in the stomach. [MENTION=2383]ageofaquariums[/MENTION] Yeah I need to do a water test asap. Oxygen should have been alright as it had been 40 odd the few days before as opposed to 35 that day. Overdosed on dechlorinator, if dechlorinator can lose its effectiveness over time that may have been it, although I couldn't smell that typical "chlorine" smell. Temperature was 27, have had the tank above 30 b4 with no issues. [MENTION=8119]jase[/MENTION]86xub Yeah that was it. Its a 4ft I chuck my culls in. Believe it is better than passing around substandard fish. [MENTION=15371]Delapool[/MENTION] Cheers, might relate to my situation, will keep it in mind. [MENTION=5418]thatsright99[/MENTION] Culls read comment above. [MENTION=156]hareysfish[/MENTION] very well could be oxygen but they have definitely lived through worse in terms of temperature. Only did approx 30% water change. Tank gas been established for over 1 year, about 1 and a 1/2 years I think. Other guppies are still fine. I really feel like it was something in the foam. Only thing is, why wouldn't it affect the males? Hoping it was just oxygen and the size saved them. I hadn't lost a fish for 4 or more years so its a bit shocking to have something go drastically wrong. The foam was made for aquariums in particular :-(
  13. I had some extremely strange fish deaths last night. At about 6:30pm I noticed the two largest fish in the tank were acting a little strange, nothing crazy but the odd flash from the 5 1/2 inch Venustus had me watching carefully. 3 hours later, both the 8 inch Tandanus and the Venustus were dead . It seemed the Venustus had been dead for at least an hour or more longer than the Tandan. Now, at this stage I tried to work out wtf went wrong. I had done a water change, it was a hot day, I added fine foam to the filter and the powerhead had stopped working overnight so I had to give it a whack to get it working again. Now, the first thing I noticed was that my male guppy culls were all swimming around in the tank seemingly unfazed, which seemed weird as these two larger fish were dead as door nails. Anyway I measured and examined the dead fish... *May not be for the overly squeamish* I noticed the Tandanus was very, very plump, so much so that I could have put its death down to bloat. So out came the fine scissors and I opened up its stomach. EGGS! Heaps and Heaps of EGGS! I estimated between 600 and 900 eggs in total contained in two individual eggs sacks. The eggs were mostly very well developed with some not quite ready for laying, they were very large for the size of the fish. Why the hell did an 8 inch Tandanus cat have sooooo many eggs? Well, after wrapping my head around that I proceeded to dissect the venustus, EGGS AGAIN! Only a very small amount of underdeveloped eggs here but healthy looking none the less. Interesting. I removed the filter foam at this point, assuming it was leeching a chemical of some kind. So I chucked 1/2 a dozen more male guppy culls in the tank along with 3 females and left them for the night. Next morning... ALL 3 FEMALES DEAD, males seemingly unfazed. I didn't examine the female guppys as they are two small for me to analyse properly with the gear I have here. In summary, something only killed off the female fish in the tank. Both developed eggs, the Tandanus developed a grotesque amount, seemingly in the hours before dying. What could have caused this? Any body experienced similar? ATM I have put it down to chemicals in the foam but I am unsure. *Can post pictures of the whole fish and the Tandanus eggs if anyone is interested.
  14. Hmmm that is a massive piece of rock. Granite is pretty dense so your probably on the right train of thought. It is very expensive though. Here's an idea from left field, could you get some rock cut to the base dimensions of your tank and maybe 2 inches high. The big flat piece of rock has the substrate over it and the wood is drilled into it, forming a base plate.
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