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  1. Lighting Advice For Planted Tank

    Yeah, those are the ones mate. If you buy from the tech den, you'll also get 10% off with a code - "QLDAF"
  2. Lighting Advice For Planted Tank

    Bugger! Have you looked into reviews of the up aqua? I would classify it as a medium lighting range, strong lights isnt everything, you want plants to grow steadily and healthy, but with the right conditions (co2,ferts) youll be trimming stems every 3 weeks with the up aqua. (considering how i trim half the stem each trim).
  3. Lighting Advice For Planted Tank

    Not an inconvenience, more so if its close to the surface, itll contribute to heating the tank, but if you raise it abit higher then its no problem. You get heat from most high watt fixtures, just thought id throw in that it gets HOT haha in that particular nano, ive got no heater and the light is about 10cm above water surface. 30L tank, so its quite small and gets adequate heat from the light LOL
  4. Lighting Advice For Planted Tank

    Hi Mate, Just for some input to what i have used. Chihiros A series - Worked well on my high tec, but was too white for my liking. Thats no biggie though. I found growth to be slower than my Up Aqua U series P. Up aqua u series is my favourite, and even though its rated 7000k it gave off a natural yellowy tinge, which i liked.. also good price range for me. Chihiros RGB series - Growing carpets faster than my up aqua, looks slick but overheats the most. T5HO - Also a favourite, you can mix your own spectrums, i usually mix 2 whites, 1 purple and 1 blue which i find works. I also have to add, plants can be growin in 3500k and 4700k spectrums. Has been done so by Xiaozhuang Wong, using T5s. (Mix of common stem plants) You can find some good information by searching in the QLDAF search bar or another source. Theres too many factors into lighting, spectrum is too broad. In saying that, all the lights on the market will grow your plants. You can get custom LED fixtures from Make My Led suited to your tank/plant needs also.
  5. Wtb: Moss 4 shrimp Brisbane South

    @hithere Has some nice, healthy portions of mini taiwan moss which grows quite nicely and is bright green.
  6. Black Beard Algae

    Best to find the cause of it first. Whats your weekly routine and maintenance like? Light hours, stock, feeding, flow etc. An easy solution is H202, its a chemical but it is quite safe. Only about $4 a bottle at woolies or chemist. Make sure to get the 3% dilution bottle.
  7. Co2 - Advice Pls

    It can be daunting at first with all the equipment and brands but you only need a regulator and solenoid, a timer and cylinder plus bits and peices of accessories like bubble counter and diffuser. I got mine from Co2Art website. Very easy for beginners as it sells all in one kits. All you need to buy is cylinder seperate.
  8. Hi guys, Im looking for some mixed guppies. Cheaper the better, its just to fill a pond. Located brisbane preferred. Thank you!
  9. Co2 - Advice Pls

    Dont bother with the disposables. They only last about less than 2 months on my old 2ft, which wasnt on full blast. You can consider the 2.6kg cylinders and would be more efficient and cheaper in the long run. On a 180L tank its been on for more than 4 months now.
  10. New plant leaf is turning red/brown

    What other plants do you have in the tank, and are they suffering the same fate? I've never seen this plant, did it come with a name? Possibly not a true aquatic plant?
  11. wow.. i thought i was the only one I thought it wasnt worth stressing over to become a member and left it alone also haha
  12. 30 x Crypt

    Should have auctioned them off on shrimp pages, would have gotten bites. Healthy looking crypts too
  13. IALPC has also grown also as mentioned by Grubs, you have over 2000 people joining that comp each year.
  14. Planted tanks has definitely grown, just not on this forum and some others. Mostly social media like Facebook and Instagram.. like.. HEAPS of growth..
  15. Thanks for the info,@Sueley. Im using 2 of these tanks and only one has the problem. I tried adding mature water from that second tank into this tank as suggested above and its working.. BioAid just came in the mail today also, but i might save that for another day and see how this works out first.