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  1. Safe to use in the aquarium, quite common for tanks with big rocks as i have used previously in iwagumi layouts.
  2. Most people and some of the LFS's are getting stock from LCA, perhaps you can arrange a side order for yourself through the fish store. Maybe AoA?
  3. Depends on your set up, what kind of plants you have, co2 injected etc? My low tech has lights on for 5 hours, high tech has 8 hours on. (all on timers) tanks with no plants, i dont turn lights on unless i want to look at them.
  4. Heard they need brackish, there wont be any in AUS unless smuggled. Have you seen the racing stripe ones? Not sure what the real name is.. let me find
  5. Commonly known as racing stripes LOL No one really knows why it appears, or that i know of.. but some think its to do with age and usually more common in females to have that stripe. Comes down to personal preference, i like the look but i wouldnt want the line on my high grade painted fire reds. A lot of the wild type neos i am breeding have the white/grey line down their back as well as my culls, but i think they look cool. So price wise, its about the same as ordinary shrimp or less depending on if the buyer likes it or not. Hope that helps?
  6. Have you talk to Nigel directly? Assuming you have his contact details or Facebook. Don't think anyone knows why hes gone quiet..
  7. I havent had any bad experiences personally, but i do love when i see overpriced sh*t on gumtree and still see it months later.. Perhaps their wife told them to sell up, so they bump the price so no one buys it?
  8. Am now looking to buy some Ramshorns, of any colour. Let me know where i can look or if you have some WIlling to pay for shipping Thankkkkkssss!
  9. Hey mate, the RO vendors should be safe to use. I used them for some time before saving to buy the unit which is a lot cheaper in the long run, and more convenient. I think the brand of my local vendors was "NabroPure". If you do look into the units, filter systems australia is one i use and was recommended by some back then.
  10. Check out liverpool creek aquariums line of ferts. I havent used them, but a lot of others do and seem to have good results. Its good enough for most LFS to stock his line of ferts anyways.. TheTechDen even stocks it. https://www.thetechden.com.au/LCA_Fertiliser_s/2439.htm
  11. Sweet, cheers matey! Will definitely give that a go. @Sparks Sure will mate.
  12. I've heard of the use of cuttle bone, so the ones for birds in the bird section of your pet store is safe? Do i need any prepping for it? Cheers.
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