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    @Staph Yep! Just the top half coated in a thick, even layer. Let me see if i can get a picture of one thats nicely established.

    @Staph ive got us fissidens, mt glorious fissdens, flame moss, mini taiwan, weeping moss and xmas moss on the cholla woods
  3. Is The Hobby in trouble?

    The hobby is definitely still growing although more and more LFSs have been closing. Even a good buddy of mine recently shut down his online store which is quite sad as he helped me get back into the hobby. Linking back to Facebook though, you have these big facebook pages that share things about other things that promote many things.. Recently shared aquascaping inspiration and within a week you'll see other groups sharing the videos of aquascaping.. as you read the comments youll see how many people havent seen such things or knew you can fit mini landscapes in a small 2ft. You can see a lot of people getting interested, which obviously spreads exposure. I run an aquascaping instagram page, where i use to share my work, but now its sharing everyone elses content to spread awareness. I do occasionally share exotics, saltwater, monster fishes where i can. You actually get a lot of people asking where can they start, how do they do this? How do i solve this problem i have? I think its just a bit quiet on the forums, you'll always have people buying low quality, and you'll always have people buying great. If i were to buy discus, shrimps, cichlids i would always buy quality, as much as my wallet permits. If i were to buy smaller community fish, (cardinals, corydoras) i would buy from a reputable source. Theres only so much quality you can get. I see people that are in the same hobby, spending over thousands for a setup and livestock.. sometimes i wonder where their money comes from and if they even have a wife?? Occasionally i do see people buy on impulse, then after buying or winning an auction, they'd ask if the shrimp/fish is popular. *coughdrugmoneycough* LOL jk
  4. 950L In-Wall Discus Tank

    Keen mate! Maybe get in contact with a retailer and ask them to do a personalised bulk order from the au wholesale distributer for the cardinals!
  5. My pond build

    If only we can keep Koi LOL
  6. Looking for a tank builder

    Hi mate, if you can get in contact with Dennison Seeto from Mary-annes aquariums. He could be your guy. http://www.marysaquarium.com.au/ Can also deliver.
  7. SOLD - FS Full 2ft freshwater system

  8. SOLD - FS Full 2ft freshwater system

    Thanks mate. No rush, just wanted to know the brand and where to buy for future reference
  9. SOLD - FS Full 2ft freshwater system

    Hi, May i ask what brand that light is?

    Its no big collection, but will get there. Added some more today More to come maybe within next 2 weeks plus anubias nana petite next weeeeek! FYI this is no longer an aquascaping thread! Just random posts now

    Any idea what type of Crypt this is? Person who sold it doesnt know lol
  12. Another Newbie

    Welcome to the site mate. If you're into quality guppies, Glenn Ng is one to talk to also.

    Can definitely keep them on hold. You prob only need to pay for postage since im on opposite side of brisbane to you.

    Did you want the small seeds to try out if you have a spare tank? I have one thats pretty much full. I can give for free