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  1. Recently I've noticed some worms wriggling around my tank. They look like little hairs but are obviously alive and moving around. Floating throughout the water after I've stirred up the substrate during cleaning. I've treated twice with kusuri wormer plus and they are still present. Not sure if I should be worried and how to treat them. Tank has 24 young tropheus in it. Ammonia-0 Nitrite-0 Nitrate-5ppm Ph-8.2 Kh-4 Gh-13 (not sure how reliable this test is)
  2. 24 moliro I recently got from jas. Loving these fish even at this young age. They remember me and all flock to see me when I'm on the room. Thanks jas. Will keep you updated
  3. Will be coming along. TBH not sure what I'm looking for. Keeping Americans ATM but will be starting down the planted/ discus path soon aswell. Will be bringing along a mate for his first auction and he loves his Africans.
  4. Both are good suggestions but I've just moved to the area and don't know anyone that can help me lift it
  5. I've recently put a deposit on an 8ft tank setup. Only problem is how do I move it? Anyone know any removilsts or pick up and delivery guys that can help out? I'm located at peregian Beach. Tank is only 5mins away FYI. Cheers
  6. Yes from a sumped tank. Was thinking about getting those breather bags if they work
  7. Thabks for the help mate. Ive shipped before through qantas and they charged 350 for two boxes. This time im looking at moving around a dozen adult severums
  8. Im currently trying to send some fish interstate via qantas freight but i want to make sure the fish will make it. Its between 6-8hrs travel time for the fish and the lfs i usually use to bag them and put oxygen in with them have doubled there price. Anyone know how to do it myself while minimising the risk of losing fish?
  9. Gday. Im currently in the process of planning a breeding rack build in my garage. To start with ill be breeding split gene dempseys, hopefully followed by severums and uaru. What tank sizes have people had success with? And what are some things that i might have overlooked or just something thats a good idea to add to the rack to make life easier? Atm im thinking a sump running 3 levels of tanks. Cheers
  10. I have a colony of peppermints if interested. 3 males 2 females. Pm me if interested
  11. Or will sell if tight offer is made.
  12. Have 5 mono argent at around 8cm long for trade for Americans. Monos were originally bought from smiths aquarium. Looking for fish 15cm and under. Cheers
  13. Not long ago I ordered a fx6 from the tech den. After a few days I started having problems and when I went back to the shop the guys at tech den did all they could to help me out and ended up replacing the motor free of charge on the spot. Big thankyou for your quick service. Other outlets I've dealt with would have sent me through the supplier to try and fix my problem, something I didn't have time for so I can't thankyou guys enough. Highly recommend these guys, they aren't my closest aquarium supplies store but it's the first place I'll go for any of my fishy needs.
  14. Gday. Just bought and installed a new fx6 filter. Installed it with stock media but was wondering if anyone can suggest extra media to add and why??? Cheers
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