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  1. I wouldn't say it stops them from wanting to jump out. I think a moon light reduces the likelihood of the fish spooking each other at night and accidentally jumping out.
  2. On a general note, I thought I would mention that since having a blue led moon light on my all male hap and peacock tank I have had zero jump outs. Before that I had a few fish of the mentioned varieties that went jump in the night.
  3. There is no harm in waiting to see. But the thing is, there is just as much, if not a better chance that they will be hybrids, then pure. I guess what you have to weigh up is whether you want to go to the effort for fish that you dont know are pure strains. As a positive though, it could give you a good chance to practice stripping the fry and raising them etc if that is something you are interested in doing... even if the end result is in line with my original suggested outcome.
  4. They don't have to be closely related. To put this in perspective, I have an all male tank.... My Protomelas spilonotus tanzania tries to breed with my Otopharynx lithobates. Rostratus tries to breed with Venustus. The fact that the male flameback is guarding the female doesn't mean another fish at one point or another hasn't slipped in and done its dance with her.
  5. I would let the other fish eat the fry when she spits. There is a good chance that the flameback has bred with another species in the tank, and the fry will be mongrels.
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  8. http://www.hansenproducts.com/tech/thread/dimensions/sftft.htm The minimum hole size for a 25mm made by hansen is roughly 31mm (by my eye). Could just be the bulkhead your using? I know the flanges on the hansen bulkheads are usually a lot larger then the diameter of the holes required so you shouldn't have an issue. Or, the way you drilled the holes.... I rock the drill a bit when drilling, and I would suggest this may increase the diameter of the hole by a few mm. In saying that, you could also use a 32 mm bulkhead if you wanted to - going by the indications on the website (if that is of any advantage to you). Yesterday I drilled 2 x 50mm holes in my tank for some 40mm bulkheads, and will be drilling some 35mm holes for some 25mm bulkheads sometime this week. To give you an indication, the flanges on the 25mm hansen bulkeads are big enough to plug up the 50mm holes I just drilled.
  9. I am of the opinion the bleach should be watered down to 1/10th if you are going to use it on a tank. The vinegar works very well though - it would be my choice over bleach for tide marks. You can soak a paper towel in it and leave the towel over the marks if they are stubborn.
  10. Where abouts on Aerodrome Road? I haven't ever noticed it, I don't think? 95 Aerodrome Rd, when you come from the Plaza towards Alexandra Headlands, left hand side in that small complex where the car workshop is... They have a sign on the roof I think "DESIGNER AQUARIUMS" The shop is called PETZ4YOU http://www.pets4usite.com Ah ok, yeah, I know exactly where you are talking about. Someone on the forum used to/may still, supply them with live stock; they can be attributed with most of their quality stock
  11. Where abouts on Aerodrome Road? I haven't ever noticed it, I don't think?
  12. As far as marine live stock goes; Alex from Rene St Marine and Tropical has the best stuff I've seen on the coast. As far as freshwater goes, I don't really rate shops on the coast that highly... I get my fish generally from Smiths (Boondall) or Annerley Aquarium when I go to Bris.
  13. Hey guys, I live in Noosa, got a 5 x 2 x 2.5 all male malawi display... and a 4 x 18 x 18 grow out tank, and a 4 x 1 x 1 (empty) hospital tank...... both for the display. And a pond setup which is about 2 x 2 x 0.3 metres overflowing in to a about 4 x 1 x 0.3 with some gold fish, mollies, rainbows etc.
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