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  1. Hi Matt,

    Your tubs you had up for grabs mate, no-ones heard anything.

    Interestedd in buying if still available


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  3. the brand doesn't match the picture, Heka Salt is made is China........
  4. Nice to meet you today Shon. Good to hear you're happy with the product.
  5. They were $169 at aqua warehouse a year ago The colour is very different, the patterns are larger and stand out more so than a sailfin. Put up a picture of the fish in question Matt
  6. You got all that for $7.50 freight????? that's insane value for money! It would cost you $20 in fuel to drive there
  7. Florescent Light Fittings And Accessories - T5 DIY Light Parts, Ballasts & Controll Gear - 2xT5 24W Electronic Ballasts - Guppy’s Aquarium Products Online - 2xT5 24W Electronic Ballasts
  8. Yep. The amount of time to pull it apart and clean it up for re-building you may aswell get a new tank. Just avoid the usual places...
  9. haha .......... I noticed the sticker the the tank, you will need more than a new brace to fix that :0)
  10. Anything over 2ft high should be in 12mm glass. That is the minimum industry standard. Don't go near it.... I only know of 1 place that would do a tank that way and you wouldn't want it NEW from there anyway
  11. ................................

  12. try some aquarium or pool salts 1 teaspoon/10 L
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