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  1. For sale big fat lapradei bichirs

    As rediculous as it sounds.. I don't own or have a computer. The last computer I had was an apple Macintosh with the big floppy hard drives with the turn lock to keep it on. And the last game I played on it was "where in he world is Carmen Sandiego" Thank u for trying to help a brother out. Tuvm
  2. For sale big fat lapradei bichirs

    I am it just keeps saying the same thing over and over.. No memory. Error I have over 60gigs free on my phone.
  3. For sale big fat lapradei bichirs

    Cos they dont and and never work when u upload any pictures, I haven't been able to a photo for 2 years. Which is what keeps me from browsing qldaf as often as when I first joined.
  4. Hello!!! Bichir lovers!!! I have some NICE FAT LAPRADEI BICHIRS for sale. No u don't have to grow them out for ever just to finally house them in ur main display tank. They are already fat and 35cm plus. Gorgeous patterns and something very different and uncommon to the Senegals or enlicheri. Also got 25cm fat ornate. Pls p. M for price or pics
  5. Trade u some big 10inch plus haps

    @pickupute Hey bud, sorry not atm but I cud ask some contacts for u in Melbourne, might have some.. In tj mean time.. I have juvie buccochromis heterotoenia if ur keen.. So sorry about ur loss.
  6. Trade u some big 10inch plus haps

    @Pwilliamb@hotmail.com Hey bro what size is that electric blue and how much to buy him?
  7. Trade u some big 10inch plus haps

    Hi mate ty for getting back to me, really appreciate it. I'm just after big predator haps to replace a few of duplicate fish. What size is ur electric blue, he looks great? Also what is is in that inventory of urs?
  8. Hi yo getting bored of looking at thr same fish all day. Any one down for swapping with me some of their large haps for mine? Got some spare males to swap out.. I have: X3 spare male buccochromis rhoadesii all around 11 inches or more. X2 rostratus males easily 11inch X1male fusco 10 in plus X1 super duper green Texas male. 10inch I just want to swap for some other big haps of the same size nott sell any off ty. My Africans are all at mature size, even an 8x3x3 is becoming way too small. So iv sold off all the crap fish for space and now just have groups/spares of the same species which I would swap singular species. Ty
  9. Banned Member for Racist Messages

    Oh hi Kevin bro! Hope u been well mate! Unfortunately only rx7s I have left are in my memory and video clips. Off topic yes, had a series 6 and series 8 fd3s. Not rx8. Brap Brap braaaaaaaaaap! It's either rx7 or fish can't have both bro. Not when fuel cost 300 pw.
  10. Banned Member for Racist Messages

    Great post my friend!
  11. Banned Member for Racist Messages

    100 percent agreed.. Especially ur last line. Hit that nail right on the head with that one .. Lol keyboard warriors feel they can say what they want with out repercussion.. Sitting behind their keyboards feeling protected and tuff. LOL they think they have trigger fingers when all they got are Twitter fingers. But I tell you guys this much tho.. In the whole time iv been in this hobby, Gumtree, qldaf or not.. Iv been to countless homes of strangers tho fellow fish Afficionados and fanatics... As a Vietnamese aussie... Maate.. I have not met one or heard any or have any racism or racist remarks or behavior towards me.. And man.. Iv driven well into the sticks, rural almost outback.. Plesed to say... Iv had a fantastic reception and experience from every member or sale /transaction. So thank erry one! Love yas and happy new year all Tha best for Tha best! Yours truly 13b Bridgeport Aka rotarmaster
  12. Banned Member for Racist Messages

    Racism, Racist??? Wow that shi it still exist??? I thort the rompers stomper days were over? That person shuda racist me lol.