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  1. Oh hi Kevin bro! Hope u been well mate! Unfortunately only rx7s I have left are in my memory and video clips. Off topic yes, had a series 6 and series 8 fd3s. Not rx8. Brap Brap braaaaaaaaaap! It's either rx7 or fish can't have both bro. Not when fuel cost 300 pw.
  2. 100 percent agreed.. Especially ur last line. Hit that nail right on the head with that one .. Lol keyboard warriors feel they can say what they want with out repercussion.. Sitting behind their keyboards feeling protected and tuff. LOL they think they have trigger fingers when all they got are Twitter fingers. But I tell you guys this much tho.. In the whole time iv been in this hobby, Gumtree, qldaf or not.. Iv been to countless homes of strangers tho fellow fish Afficionados and fanatics... As a Vietnamese aussie... Maate.. I have not met one or heard any or have any racism or racist remarks or behavior towards me.. And man.. Iv driven well into the sticks, rural almost outback.. Plesed to say... Iv had a fantastic reception and experience from every member or sale /transaction. So thank erry one! Love yas and happy new year all Tha best for Tha best! Yours truly 13b Bridgeport Aka rotarmaster
  3. Racism, Racist??? Wow that shi it still exist??? I thort the rompers stomper days were over? That person shuda racist me lol.
  4. Great fish to own. I remember exactly over a year ago I bort my first batch of rostratus and haps of Jonas, I was so mesmerised by their mating dress n colours I cud not wait for these dam juvies to colour up. A few months in.... My power filter cables fell out I. The middle of the night and the heater cooked then all!! A year later 9 juvies later... All my rostratus have matured and they are massive I have 4 males who are always in black! Every day! Females are a plumpy. Gold.. Whilst the males are just shy of 29cm each. Big fellas.. Makess the buccochromis rhoadesii look small
  5. The tanks I have are at rental property atm, the real estate agents and land lords bloody love my tanks! All roughly 5k litre plus I total, they are more mesmerised by the awe of thr tank n contents rather than inspecting.. Inspections take like 5 mins max and tank talk is like 10 mins straight lool. My house has no room for tanks. Hence.. They just say that I'm ballsy for setting up such large volumes in a rental.
  6. Bloody just missed out on a 45cm golden Barra!!! There's still a 60cm platinum if Ur keen.
  7. Some just over 3cm some a lil under. !!!Extremely rare!!!! Extremely xl haps Which grow 30cm plus. I can't even find much info on these bad boys on the net. All I see is the word extremely rare in the hobby Perfect opportunity to pick up a lil colony especially for breeders. I don't remember the last time iv even heard of these guys in the hobby so hopefully we can get numbers back up again. Not cheap and not really for the non pred hap lovers. Ull fall off ur chair! X5 for 500 buks! Sms for pics as I can still not load any pics on here for the last 4 months. Even tho I deleted my inboxes.
  8. Hahaha cliff banger not hanger hahahha good x rated. But yeah hahah. I want to share with the forum my newly acquired 60cm gold clown knife but I can't upload pics for some reason. He's at least over 1 foot tall!!!! This dude is like a massive golden Barramundi. How can I successful upload?? My inbox is free as??
  9. Ohhhhhhhh good day!!! Here's some thing to Chitter n chatter bout! Been stalking this bad biy for months.... Finally the fish gods have been good to me and allowed me to adopt this bad ass bad boy!!! My god he's beautiful!! Thanks to the oh so generous former father too it!!! Ok never mind. Still can't upload pics. What the go with low storage or memory when it's free as a bird? Ohh well was gonna post up my 60cm golden clown knife.. Not albino bit gold.
  10. We live In the year 3017, Cud we not have an qldaf app?? If erry member here takes out there tin cans and chips for the app or even pay 10 buks a year a month or a quarter?? Or a one off to help our QUEENSLAND FISH FORUM! the way I see things, qldaf is our jobs as Queensland's fish hobbyists to keep alive or it will die and perish to other mediums and websites with more traffick... I do not want to one day click online and see the message.. Sorry qldaf had shut down due to low traffick and usage and is now obsolete compared Gumtree. Just like state o origin mate!! U gotta root for ur hone team braah! Qldaf I play for.
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