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  1. Updated list of fish that should be available, for a possible July Trip. Air fright is available to Brisbane airport if you don't want to wait. Some fry I have heaps others will be in limited numbers, will confirm numbers closer to trip. Ready Now... Cyathopharynx furcifer Resha 3-5cm $25 Julidiochromis regani Kipilli 6cm $15 Neolamprologus pulcher 3cm $10 4-5cm 4-5cm $20 Lepidiolamprologus kendalli 4-5cm $25 6+cm $30 Neolamprologus tretocephalus 6cm $25 Ready soon... Xenotilapia flavipinnis Lyamembae 3-4cm $50 Ciprichromis. leptosoma Mpimbwe 3-4cm $30 Lamprologus ornatapinnis 2-3cm $30 Tropheus duboisi Maswa 3cm $10 for $200
  2. Ok people if i can get enough interest in fish i will drive down in early July, All you will need to do is meet me on Northside, probably around the North lakes area. I will be adding several more interesting and rarer sp to those available in June,
  3. Foai are not on the allowable import list but Furcifer are.... go figure... Cant imagine any import inspecter would know the difference esp, in stressed fish. I beleive this has probably confused the real id of some fish.
  4. I also sold Foai magara to julie who sold them to an asian lad in sydney who completely dissapeared from the hobby very quickly, i think aquis my have been involved, I stilll have a few lonly females here.., Maybe we need to contact julie get some names and find out what happened to them.. If she still remembers
  5. Resistance is futile.....lol, Africans are life, And Tanganyikans are for the connoisseursrs of Fish...
  6. A new decent sized breeding colony needs to be established before any fry leave town lol @Rastinger62, @JB I saw today that someone has a NEW WC colony of furcifer Ndole bay, recently imported, so things are looking up.. I also know of two colonies of furcifer Ruziba, but they would be very similar to My Resha and I already have heaps of them, lol If anyone wants Resha there is 40-50 fry ready to go within the next Month @hamishh34 I have been stuck in my shed doing water changes for 20 years, its difficult to get out much lol
  7. Hey all, this is a bit different to how I remember Lots of pics of my fish here https://www.facebook.com/CQ-Tanganyikans-101822698612188 Current fry available Cyathopharynx furcifer Resha 3-5cm $25 Julidiochromis regani Kipilli ~6cm $15 Neolamprologus pulcher 3cm $10 Lepidiolamprologus kendalli 5-6cm $30 Neolamprologus tretocephalus 6cm $25 Stay tuned, lots of exciting things available in a few months! Shipping by Road overnight via Aramax to Brisbane is $30. Never tried it, no idea what to expect. Airport to Airport $120 for a standard box to Brisbane Sometimes I come to Brisbane but cant guarantee when.
  8. Jason you had some amazing fish, so sad that there are very few featherfins around now,
  9. Well like a lot of people i was lured by the flashy lights and ease of use that is facebook. Disorganised content, rando posts and bans on sales has me looking back where lots of us started, met, shared our passion.. Forums, ...But sadly too many have shut down, I beleive this was one of them , and may have aided me looking elsewhere... I forgot how much content is here.. And how much has been lost.. Hoping to get back into the disussions on here.. Make some new connections and hopefully find some older ones. I am Trofius, in all the forums Michael Seeney on facebook, and I have the CQTanganyikans page on face book, as a departure from my personal page that was getting to full of rando fish people... Sorry i have been MIA..
  10. So some of the greedy buffers are pushing 2cm, a little bit of colour/pattern is starting to show. Sorry about the scrappy phone pic. They are still in with dad.
  11. Jacob , with the door just put some seals in the door jam.cheap, and very effective.Although you probably have thought of this
  12. looking good Jacob, sump on wheels is a crazy idea lol....that will make cleaning it soo much easier. but I have seen a problem, those stands are on the wrong wall....the three tier racks should be on the high wall....
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