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  1. Thanks to everyone that bought fish from me on my Brisbane trip, I hope everything is progressing well.. And what can I say, cash never lasts long in your pocket, lol....I wasn't even halfway home before I had locked in 3 more colonies of sweet tangs, All going well this will give me an even better range of fry to offer you next year sometime..
  2. OK closed see everyone that getting fish on Friday arvo... I wont be looking in here again, too busy packing fish lol Plus car got totalled yesterday, so lots of crazy stuff to deal with...
  3. Orders close Tuesday night at 8PM. So far 140+ fish need to be sorted, purged, and collated, ready for bagging Thursday night. We will be staying at "The Boulevard" 59 Endeavor Boulevard Northlakes, it only has very limited parking, but there is on road parking. my mobile is 0400363851 pick up between 3 and 7pm But will post here / message anyone that may be interested in earlier collection if we get in earlier.
  4. All good as much as I LOVE RR i really dont have the space and there are other things on my wish list i kinda need to leave space for incase they turn up..
  5. So just to update.. we will be in Brisbane on Friday the 16th We are now staying at Northlakes. most fry are now spoken for, what remains? regani 5-6cm $10 trets 6+cm $20 ornatapinnis ~2cm $25 Multis ~10-15mm $10 Might be a few smaller Resha ~3cm $20???
  6. yep, just lucky i have a weeks holidays in a few weeks, fingers crossed, it works out for everyone. thanks again to everyone for their patience. Will go through everything this weekend and will update whats left but its getting a bit thin now.
  7. ok this is for everyone that has expressed and interest in fish. At this point i think it is safer and more convenient for all involved that I delay my trip. We were coming down on friday and selling the fish Friday night. With this lockdown in place until 6pm we cant even enter the south east until then. so we wont arrive at out destination for a few hours after that... Apparently it will also be pissing down rain. The activities we had planned for Saturday have been cancelled, so from a family perspective its a dud tip, no one wants to travel 650Km each way in the rain to sit in a hotel While it rains. between accomadation and fuel etc, its going to cost me close to $1000, I wont it work perfectly for everyone. I have holidays again in a few weeks, so Tentatively I am planning to do this trip again on Friday 16th of July same time frames, ie pick up after 3pm But the location will be different, depending on availability of accommodation... But still around that chermside / northlakes area... Hopefully all this covid crap dissapears and we cn get back to some normality. Sorry and thanks... I will be messaging all the invididuals on messanger that have paid deposits.
  8. Too easy mate, hopefully no more covid cases pop up, has been years will be good to catch up again.
  9. COVID can ....... Not sure what is happening at this stage, Will decide in a day or so... But big possibility the trip will be cannned
  10. adults have nice wide bands, with that sweet yellow...
  11. Seperate post for these. I have 20 duboisi fry from 25-40mm 10 for $150 20 for $280 Will be in brisbane on friday the 2 july, pick up from Carseldine area after 3pm or early saturday morning, Can send pics or video on request for serious buyers.
  12. Resha are again available 3-4cm $20 about 20available 4-6cm $25, about 10 available Those that have expressed interest are in for the larger fish unless they want to change.
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