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  1. So some of the greedy buffers are pushing 2cm, a little bit of colour/pattern is starting to show. Sorry about the scrappy phone pic. They are still in with dad.
  2. Jacob , with the door just put some seals in the door jam.cheap, and very effective.Although you probably have thought of this
  3. looking good Jacob, sump on wheels is a crazy idea lol....that will make cleaning it soo much easier. but I have seen a problem, those stands are on the wrong wall....the three tier racks should be on the high wall....
  4. I just had my attenuates in a standard 2 footer, with a few shells, they did breed a few times but I wasn't able to raise any fry. amazing little lepidios.. And now with the nkambe, they just seem to like being left alone, and not fussed with much, they seem to be very shy as a species tank, and kinda require some sacrificial dither fishes to get them out and about more. And I should add just as things get going well, they will break your heart..
  5. Thanks Adam S rebeli looks very close. Numifer not so much, I think maybe sp 1 has some similarities.
  6. Yep I thought numifer when I saw the ones at smiths but it's hard unless you have them side by side. They are similar to decorus but have spits on the tail rather than the stripes.
  7. Hey all I have a trio of synodontis that was sold to me as decorus.....but they are not..currently they are 15-18cm , 2m1f.
  8. Matt Ned and Jim are both good guys, listen learn and enjoy. There is not much like a tank full of active happy tropheus.!
  9. indeed I am soo still pissed off about it...probably the most excited about these guys breeding....Now the long wait to find some more. or wait, and hope my fry grow up in decent numbers. [MENTION=6679]aqc247[/MENTION] know of any nkambae getting around?
  10. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Anyone got 7cm+ Nkambae for sale or large females...
  11. Ok sad update... I found my female nkambae with part of her left gill ripped out today, ( have had a few killed that way in the past ,must be a lepidio thing) she looks a bit sad, and have put a divider in there so she can look after her fry still......that may be my last batch for a few years... Fingers crossed she makes it.
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