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  1. Sorry its a 90L tank Can I have the following fishes in 7 Tetra 1 Blue Ram 1 Catfish 2 platy
  2. My tank size is 75 L. Any recommendation for stocking. I would like ones that will not breed
  3. Almost there: Reading yesterday Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 added ammonia to make 4 ppm and after 21 Hours Ammonia 0 Nitrite 2ppm Hopefully in few more days it can process all nitrite within 24 hours
  4. Hi Craigo thanks for the links. I have tried 3 shops for rinsing the old filter etc to provide seed bacteria but all said they cant and I can buy seachem stability or similar product. Anyway now that the cycle has started it should eventually get there with the right environment for bacteria.
  5. Reading yesterday (25/1): Ammonia was 2ppm added enough to get it back to 4ppm Nitrite 0.5ppm
  6. Hi I have been trying t establish a new tank but not having any success and the ammonia is not coming down last 6 days Can any one from gold coast share any substract from an established tank please Thanks Navneet
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