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  1. Check out crazy clarkes, they had scrubbing cloths which worked well for my use. Just trial them in a small tank with one feeder fish first - ensuring they dont leech anything nasty.
  2. This 'almost' looks like an advert. Are you selling it all?
  3. Welcome to the forum Rick. 6ft tank is an awesome way to return. When you say it has been a long break, do you mean years or decades? Mind you, not much seems to have 'really' changed.
  4. Hi Goughy, welcome to the forum! My five cents....do it once and do it right, peace of mind etc. Eheim classics are probably the most reliable filter ever. And if you are watching videos on hotrodding or pimping out filters then the idea of not having trays, and bypass, might not be a concern to you. But beware their are two different 'types' of eheim classics floating about. The rounded cover ones, which ship with just foam, and the slab sided 'traditional' top eheims, which come with full bio media kits. I have had poor experiences with the single 'rounded' eheim (2215 model), whereas my older eheims are bulletproof. Remember to support our sponsors. and they offer a discount to members.
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  7. Hi lilviss How long have you had the macropore in there for? And, 1/4 litre seems like not much for such a big filter, how big is that tank? I use 2 litres of macropore (normal version) and have to refresh it every month or so, for a 6x2x2 tank with lots of wood in it.
  8. Hiya tdj5, I have been using a Resum LP-20 for a couple of years now, running large sponges in (}usually) 5 or 6 tanks. I bought a decent 12 port tap thingy, and have one outlet venting to atmosphere sometimes. It is 20 LPM, Quiet, uses less than 20 watts..supposedly, and so far has not missed a beat. I think you could go more powerful than needed and just have one airline leaking back into the area - venting to atmosphere. I bought mine from thetechden.
  9. Love the new look, works perfectly (so far) on this iPad. Well done !
  10. This new QLDAF looks a lot like the older QLDAF...
  11. Such a wide variety of recommended sizes and all with sensible sounding reasonings, thank you everyone. I have spent some time working on the formula/maths sites but Arghhhh, i am going to leave the calculations for someone smarter than me. I have found 25mm pipe and fittings at a good price, so am going with that. Being unable to really understand the formulas it is much appreciated reading personal expereinces on what has worked for you, so without naming names, thank you everyone!
  12. Hi everyone, Have just ordered a Laguna 2000 pump, rated at 7,600 LPH, it replaces my Tunze 3000 LPH in my 700 Ltr tank + 200 Ltr sump. It runs with just under 1.5 meter head, so expecting around 6,000 LPH throughput. Hagen/Laguna state it is suitable for 19/25/32/38 mm fittings. My intention is to make a dedicated PVC pipe return line, not wanting to risk using hose this time round, if possible. But I dont know what the 'ideal' size pipe to get. I suspect 25 or 32. Would running it with 19 or 38 place extra load on the pump? 38 seems like a lot of weight for it to lift, 19 seems like a lot of speed for that flow rate. Is their a formula to work out an 'ideal' pipe size for any given pump? It is good of Laguna to say what size pipes 'can' be used, I just wish I knew which size is 'best' to use. Any advice or tips are appreciated. Cheers.
  13. Ive been mixing Sera micron and hikari first bites in a glass of tank water and pouring it over angel fry, they looooove it, but can get messy so need to wipe the tank out often
  14. Finally, a legitimate method to reset donny's post count. Kidding...
  15. Sorry guys, but these fish are NOT unappealing to my eye. I do not mean to disagree that work needs to be done to keep species lines pure, nor do i disagree that unscrupulous amatuer or accidental breeders may try to make money out of this. But, i find these fish interesting looking. And just to mix things up.....without diversification and evolution, nothing will survive loooooooong term. cockroaches excluded.
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