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  1. I did a small water change, now pleco is looking worse, kind of standing upright on his tail, I am wondering if I should take him out and put him in a separate tank
  2. His top fin is also a bit shredded so maybe he's been fighting with the other pleco?
  3. Hi I have two plecos in a 4 ft tank, one of them was on the glass this morning and it had a white patch on its underside and what looked like some blood near its tail. See photo. Does this look like fungus? Should I treat it? Any advice would be appreciated
  4. Thanks, do you mean Rocklea markets?
  5. Oh and also would most aquarium shops have brine shrimp eggs?
  6. Thanks for your advice. I see it takes 24 hours to hatch brine shrimp, should I just leave feeding my current batch that are just starting to free swim ( not all are free swimming yet) until I can get a hatch of brine?
  7. I have a pair of angels that always eat their eggs, so I have tried raising them separately. I can get them to hatch and become free swimming, but then I get massive die off after 5-7 days I have tryed feeding decaps, frozen lobster eggs and powdered fry food. I use rain water (same with parents and all my other fish). I have them in a bare bottom tank with active sponge filter. Just after last major die off Water params ph 6 ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 5. I have just got a batch where a few have started free swimming. I did read somewhere that you should wait until all fry are free swimming before you start feeding is that right? Any advice would be appreciated
  8. Hi there, my two albino bristlenose have bred in my 4 ft community tank (pair of angelfish two plecos, three clown loaches and a few guppies. They bred in the end of a piece of mangrove root about three ft long so I couldn't move it while the male was looking after the eggs. The male has moved away from the log now and I can see three little fry. Should I leave them to their own devices? The only way I can think of to try and catch them is to siphon them out. But I am worried that this might hurt them. I would really appreciate some advice! I do have another tank that just has some baby swordtails in it, that I could put the baby BN in if I caught them
  9. Hi all, I got a second hand canister filter with a 4ft tank that I bought. I don't know what brand it is, the writing on it has rubbed off. Anyway, I have been reading up on the set up of sponges and media, what I can't find is whether to put in activated carbon? Is it best to just have course to fine sponges, then media? Tia
  10. Nitrates are down, and the fry are still kicking (well wiggling I think I will try hatching some brine shrimp. The only other fish in the tank apart from the parents are two juvie bristle nose
  11. Thx for the advice everyone, I am going to keep doing water changes until nitrates are down
  12. I am using API test kit, and I did shake the bottles very well as per instructions, couldn't find an expiry date on the bottles though. I use rainwater for water changes, I tested the rainwater and it was Nitrate of 5, did water change now nitrate in tank is 80
  13. I use rainwater for water changes, I tested the rainwater and it was Nitrate of 5, did water change now nitrate in tank is 80
  14. I did the test according to the instructions but I can retest.. What should it be?
  15. Just an update on this post, I have got a third lot of fry, no survivors from the first two batches, so far third batch is in with parents. Parents not eating them cause my second lot of fry I had in a separate tank and they still died. Feeding decapsulated brine shrimp. Water params are PH 6.7, Ammonia 0.25, Nitrite 0, Nitrate 160. This was taken just before a water change.
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