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  1. So basically i should be looking at anything above 1 litre per minute per tank eg 6lpm divided by the number of tanks
  2. Thats a big jump from 22/30 LPM vs 3 LPM on the PetWorxs 202. So maybe i need something in between to allow for expansion. 1 big thing is that it MUST be as quiet as possible because this set up is in my dining room and im already pushing the boundaries on getting a few more tanks
  3. Can someone help me understand what sized air pump i need? My set up is going to be 6-8 nano tanks, each is almost exact 10 litres on 2 racks (4 on top and 2-4 below). Im using ATI Hydro sponge filters in the mini size for all the tanks and want all of them to run off the 1 air pump with a gang valve to split everything. At the moment im using my TetraTec ASP100 but even though it seems to work, water flow isnt great- this model does say its for 50-100L but i dont know what its LPM rating is. How many litres per minute does a pump need to be rated at for this sized nano tank to give sufficient filtration?
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