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  1. Well today I went to a local aquarium sale and bought a 3ft Beamswork LED slightly secondhand for cheap. I know that it won't be enough for good plant growth, so what kind of supplementary light should I buy? I will go for another LED. The guy had a 2ft version of the Beamswork, would running both work well for plant growth? Thanks for the advice
  2. I was just planning on getting a mix of "cool white" and "warm white" leds that added up to 100-130w as that's what I had read I would need. Is this incorrect? I wasn't aware there were specific "plant growing" LEDs. The $62 is for 2 X 50w lights. I see what you mean about the hours, but after looking at other listings by that seller I think you are right that it is a typo. They should say 50 000 hours. I was thinking of either getting these two or 4 X 30w LEDs, as I still can't find a light that produces that much wattage that cheap. Am I missing something? Is wattage not the important thing? This is my first DIY tank project.
  3. That sounds great but the $67 led I found on aquaholics said it only produced 42w? I thought I would need 100-130w so would I need several of these?
  4. I have just bought a 3ft X 18 X 18 tank that I intend to use as a well-planted community tank. I have decided to make my own light structure using LED floodlights from eBay like these http://m.ebay.com.au/itm/2X-50W-LED-SMD-AU-Plug-220V-240V-Flood-Light-Outdoor-Floodlight-Cool-White-IP65-/221939847231?nav=SEARCH and just make a basic stand from wood to go on top of the tank to hang them from. I can't afford a CO2 canister setup, but apart from that I'm willing to do a fair bit to get the tank well planted and looking nice. I've calculated that I need about 100-130w of light for decent plant growth in my tank My question is, for a tank of my size is it better for plant growth for me to buy 4 X 30w led floodlights, 2 X 50w led floodlights, or a different combination? The prices are all pretty similar.
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