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    I have joined for our men's shed. Our shed needs an interesting hobby income but it does not have to be a high hourly rate. We would like to supply our shed supporters in our area. We have a comprehensive workshop for wood plastic and metal.
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    We have 55 members so we have many interests.
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    We are all retired.

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  1. Thanks [MENTION=3726]grubby[/MENTION], Maybe I can clear up some misconceptions. A) The dam is waters of the state on a named creek in SE Queenlsand The only fish taken (Trapped and not returned) has been 6 Crimson Spot Rainbows by a 10 year old kid. C) I am a JP Qualified and a retired Senior Inspector of Environment I am not interested in doing anything illegal especially environmentally. I have also been a prosecutor. D) The caretakers of the dam want to know what is in the dam as part of their duty of care. E) Shed 100 has never sold or tried sell any fish whatsoever. F) Yes, shed 100 is looking for money making opportunities but so far we have only sold sausages outside Bunnings and a few wooden items and donated items. G) Yes we (me for Shed100) are looking for info related to the LF industry and I appreciate all the info we can get but we do not want "bad press". H) Shed100 are not bad guys we are the good guys who use our workshop to do lots of community work free of charge. Apart from the above Men's Sheds receive government grants and funding because Men's Sheds are attributed with reducing male suicides. And as recipients of Govt funding men's Sheds cannot have a reputation of doing anything illegal whatsoever. So I would appreciate it if posters were mindful of the above before posting anything that might be considered an accusation of illegal activity by a Men's Shed. What I will do is kill this name, and maybe rejoin under another name.
  2. G'day all, We trapped some more crimson spotted rainbow today. One member brought his young son to the shed and he wanted something to do so he took the 2 traps out the back to the dam for about 40 minutes and trapped 6 crimson spotted RF. He used Ryvita biscuits for bait but they mushed up a bit. He took them home for his tank.
  3. Thanks [MENTION=9246]Donny@ageofaquariums[/MENTION]. Fish are on the backburner for our shed, I have been involved in other projects and the council approval seems to have stalled a bit. I expected the window in a IBC was a joke. (material flexibility conflict) but now you mention it it would be cheaper to drop a camera in if you really wanted to watch. They put cameras in the creeks and post on here and get accolades so it aint so silly is it. A concrete pond with a window obs area could be good too. There are lots of options but XXXL all glass tanks seem to be high silicon failure risk. We have been offered one that leaked and there is another leaky xxl for sale as is on this forum and rough calcs confirm they could be at risk unless there is a design change. (some mods to increase the silicon area of contact)
  4. Thanks [MENTION=885]smicko[/MENTION] We appreciate any help we can get, and probably 20% of our membership live outside the Centenary Suburbs. When we move to Monier Road we will be in Seventeen Mile Rocks (part of Centenary) and over the road from Darra (not in Centenary), we will probably attract a lot more members from outside the Centenary Suburbs. There are Men's Sheds at Oxley, Inala and Kenmore and a shed without a workshop at Forest Lake. Oxley is attached to a Church, Inala is part of the PYC and under control of a cop, Kenmore is in the old council depot. Forest Lake last time I heard was held in an empty shop.
  5. Thanks [MENTION=17371]IsaRich[/MENTION] The fire trucks have booster pumps and mains pressure is up around 100 psi before they boost it A 10 inch by 10 inch hose water hit = 100 square inches 100 square inches x 100 pounds per square inch pressure = 10000lbs force. so I am not surprised a fire hose can take out a car windscreen. Tank water is .46 of a psi per foot of depth (approx 1/2 psi ) so the fire hose can be at the very least 200 times more powerful. BTW all energies in a system are equal so the potential energy = pressure is the same as the kinetic energy (energy due to movement) of the water when it has exited the nozzle (near enough without considering friction losses) I hope that helps
  6. Thanks [MENTION=8516]none[/MENTION] and@billfish I appreciate your comments, so I have been reading up on glass and auto glass Auto glass is 5 to 10 times stronger than float glass for the same thickness. My Kia (cheap car) has 3.5mm thick glass in the drivers side window so conservatively that makes it as strong as 17.5mm thick float glass and possibly as strong as 35mm thick float glass That is very thick glass. Apart from the obvious, flaws within auto glass have to pass inspection for auto use. BTW In our house people safety outweighs fish safety. Here is a precis of what my research discovered. Auto glass starts out as float glass but it is stronger because the surface glass is put into compression by heating and air quenching. A similar example is pre-stresed concrete bridge beams. Concrete has high compression strength and weak tensile (pull apart) strength. So they arrange the construction beams so that the load does not exceed the pre-stressing therefore the beam concrete is always in compression mode (and never in tensile mode) So with the tempered and heat treated glass the process pulls the surface of the glass together into pre-compressed mode. The draw back is that the edges of the glass can become weaker so in auto glass they grind the edges back until they get full strength tempered glass. The glass will return to float glass strength only after there is enough force applied (more than the compression from tempering) Hence the 5 to 10 times more strength for the same thickness. Windscreens are all supposed to be laminated and designed to have pressure applied from the outside (of course) and are laminated and so are some rear windows, most other auto glass is not laminated but it is tempered. We all know the different effects between breaking float glass (just normal glass nothing special and cast on molten metal to ensure flatness) and tempered glass and laminated glass. Outside impact by foreign objects on a tank comes down to the pressure at the point of impact. The inside tho is pre-loaded water pressure and the formula for water pressure is depth x density (nothing to do with the gallons of water in the tank just the depth x density) in the old money the pressure in a tank is .46 PSI per foot of depth. So a tank with 2 feet depth water, has no water pressure at the waterline and at the bottom it is .92 pounds per square inch pressure. The total force on the whole panel would be the wet area of the glass panel in square inches x the average pressure. A 50 inch long panel by 24 inches = 1200 square inches The total force in pounds would be 1200 x .46 = 552 lbs (that sounds about right, someone else can check my figures) It is amazing (to me) that silicon can restrain these forces. So probably XXL tanks should not be all glass regardless of the glass thickness but because of the strength limits of silicon (check silicon strength with Dow Corning maybe) So you can draw your own conclusions, and maybe chase up more info if need be.
  7. The BP solar panel I had on our Iveco motor home put out 19v and that was supposed to be typical and I had a Solarex regulator for 12v charging (should be about 13.6 to charge 12 v bats). There was a run on car alternators with vanes set up to harvest wind (plenty on Google). If you find a wreck you could get the alternator and the regulator for next to nix. I sort of like the idea of a windmill with a drive disc and an offset link that when it rotates raises and lowers a chain in the water thereby changing the surface water to promote aeration. (but I have not done it so it is new territory.
  8. Thanks [MENTION=6679]aqc247[/MENTION] 1) There is no age limit for shed membership other than you have to be an adult male. 2) Re secure area, it depends on many things. We have safety issues to be addressed the same as any other workplace and we also have legislative obligations i.e. fire exits that cannot be blocked etc. Ultimately we will probably have 3 buildings (built one at a time) and maybe some out-buildings depending on what the men want. We have to isolate noisy and dusty machines from clean areas and fire hazards (welding and grinding). We may get a few "petrol heads" and then put in a car hoist in a shed for them. We have been applying for grant $ for 3 or 4 years and I expect we will be expanding and fitting out as more grants become available. 3) We can tig stainless steel but we have no special contacts for supply, the local scrap merchants will not sell to the public anymore, and we have never sent anything to be galvanised. 30 years ago my son bought home a privately bought 4 feet tank and filled it and it exploded smashing a hole in the wall and flooding the room and with shards everywhere and we were lucky to have no one injured, we mopped up, it was a tiled floor over concrete and I repaired the wall and did not even consider an insurance claim. On inspection the tank appeared newly made but did not have a top reinforcing brace that we could find. The idea that glass that shatters into shards is safer than auto glass seems odd to me. On the other hand driving behind glass that shatters into shards seems very unappealing.
  9. Congratz Brilliant job and even if you sell it one day it will still be yours. Having it in an outdoor covered area sounds like a good plan too because us Qlds like to get out of the house and the fear of a leak is not an issue either. It will be truly awesome. Using composites like Fibreglass and resin is a learning curve, not so much to make it better but to save a lot of material and time on future jobs. I learned a bit over the years but the pros no more than I do. I have made Kayaks and a boats with fibreglass and resin and the stitch and glue method and I have stretched the back of a fibreglass clubman car and used ply and fibreglass. I did the first boat 17 feet long more than 50 years ago then did another 15 feet speed boat a few years later then stitch and glue 27 feet long take apart kayak about 20 years ago and then a 12 feet take apart then I put the back in the car and then a take apart 11 feet punt about 2 years ago. Not a lot has changed over the years, I would only consider using epoxy resin it is more expensive but is lighter and stronger I was talked into another resin and gave up on it. I started out using heavy cloth but ended up using the tee shirt grade cloth (used for surfboards) The fine weave needs less filling so uses lots less resin and is easier to get a good finish. I gave up on Bog when I found microspheres and epoxy resin, it is cheaper easy and sands easy. I have a few examples here if anyone is interested Plywood in boats gains its strength from being curved, there is another thing they call tortured ply. You can torture ply by bending it to shape then epoxy it and or fibreglass it. I think something could be done with ply and fibreglass and auto glass Everything is progressive
  10. Thanks [MENTION=17371]IsaRich[/MENTION]. My plan with the window was to put it in a composite wood and fibreglass frame. I was hoping to get a donated flatish auto glass and start with a pine stud from our wood rack, (zero cost so far) Then rebate the stud, Then square off the frame around the glass with a wooden frame that fits where it touches. The next thing to do would be glue wood to cover any gaps (like the rounded corners) and take some wood out where necessary. What I should have ended up with is a rebated wooden frame that the glass fits in with about 5mm clearance all round. I would have stopped there for now. If I decided to build a tank I would use wood to complete the box and seal the whole lot with fine fibreglass cloth (surfboard cloth) and resin and microsphere epoxy filler (would have to by resin and fibreglass and spheres.) The glass could be bedded in with silastic. But there are many ways to skin a cat. I am watching the Broncos and the Cowboys now and flicking over to watch the T20 cricket, see ya.
  11. Thanks [MENTION=17371]IsaRich[/MENTION] we are still bogged down with council red tape, so progress is slow. We have 2 containers on site now one 40 feet long that we own and a smaller one is rented for 3 months. They are both chockers with gear a lot came from the old Oxley High School (legally donated to us before they demolish) and we have on site a crated 27m x 7m army barracks and a 9m x 6m shed we have relocated but not erected yet. We have a power pole and wiring to the street but no meter box yet. Back at the golf club we have $35,000 tools and equipment and no floor space, we have to drag machines out to use them. (we have some on wheels). We have been offered a large tank (very large) and apparently it needs glaziers suction handles to move it, it has leaked around the base and needs silicone repair. We have nowhere to put it, it can go outside at the golf club against the workshop wall but the vandals will smash it. If someone came up with a donated garden shed we could put it in there for storage - at least until we move. We are pushing our luck with the council with all the stuff we have stored on the new site now. Our only income is Bunnings Sausages one day per month and they have opened 2 new shops and a third shortly so the car-park is not full anymore and sausage sales are down. When our committee gets the new shed sorted it will be full on to make the extra cash to pay our bills. So far I have not raised much enthusiasm for aquaria as an income source but that would change if we got new members with an established interest in aquaria. We desperately need someone with hobby business experience, doors are closing everywhere. Ebay is riddled with direct from China sellers and the big shopping centres and chains (like Bunnings) have just about everything else covered. I just bought a battery for my Electric assist pedal trike direct from China and saved $200 it arrived yesterday as expected. We have been making prototypes that we can make up as father and son project kits. So far I have 3 different wild bird feeders and found a formula for making seed blocks. We have possum box, and a pet cricket cage. I have been working on Fairy/Hobbit doors/houses and they are looking good and they might sell as kits too. I have ordered 20 necklace glass bottles with corks for live moss Terrariums. We have a good leather-man so we can make anything in leather. Large dog collars sell for $50 but leather is expensive. We already make coin ear rings from foreign coins and we have sold some but we need more donated coins (holiday souvenirs) and we make wood turned pens they are good value at $30 but not many want to spend that much on a pen My next job will be prototype whirygigs (those wind vane propeller things that have figures doing things like chopping wood or riding bicycles.) and we will try to make them as kits for father and son. So we actually have a lot that we can do for a very low hourly rate but we still have to sell it somehow. Gumtree is time tragic for lots of low priced goods, everyone wants them for nothing and too many calls and emails and some you wait for and they do not turn up. I went to the car wreckers to buy a rear windscreen out of a ute (they are flattish) at Wacol but they have gone and 2 days later I went to Caloundra and the wreckers had a closing down sale on. ( I could not stop, I had the enemy on board) At this point I got involved developing our version of Fairy/Hobbit doors houses. Two other shed men are making their versions of the Fairy/Hobbit so I am about to start a new project. But before that I have to mod my trike and get the new battery installed. Anyway, that is where I am at, fish are on the back burner. I hope that was not too boring.
  12. Thanks [MENTION=12004]satchiel[/MENTION] You certainly are enthusiastic and when it comes to jumping to conclusions you should go in the Olympics. The dammed creek actually is waters of the state and has a name. These days though it is sustained by urban run-off it is very close to the biggest major waterway in south East Queensland, Brisbane River it is tidal 2 ks downstream and the dam was well under in the 2011 flood. People access tho is limited because it is within the golf course, our shed is in the buildings beside the dam, but if anyone is interested they can talk to me and I will talk to the head greenkeeper who has given me permission to see what is in the dam because it could be harboring noxious fish. The greenkeeping staff are flat out and the Men's Shed helps out when we can. Everything the men's shed does tho is quite selfish, the men only do what they want to do, and that includes checking out the dam.
  13. Thanks [MENTION=11836]Cam07[/MENTION], The tyranny of distance wotashame, we could have had some fun.
  14. Thanks [MENTION=1094]pony-tail[/MENTION] can you/me be in possession of more than 20 if you bred them. I think I read somewhere that they can be given away but not sold (not sure).
  15. http://www.whereis.com/search-results?query=jindalee%20golf%20club&bounds=-27.485201864539317%2C152.82426440917968%2C-27.573035790295428%2C153.05635059082033&paginationRequestPage=1 Zoom in on satellite and you can see our dam. It is south east of th club house closer to the Western Freeway.
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