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  1. I was selling a 5x2x2.5 tank + stand on gumtree and this fella asked me what's my lowest so I tell him, then he tells me how much he wants it for and I'm like no mate, then he goes, but me and my son have to put the effort in picking it up and the inconvenience of lifting it as well. WTF...
  2. Go on facebook and look up Thomson Darren from Gold Coast Discus a lot of people reccomend him. Also Google Living Reef Aquariums And Discus Specialist at Burleigh Heads.
  3. I never thought to ask really. I started off with a 3ft, then got a 5ft and during inspection times they never said anything about it. So I got a 4ft so 3 tanks in the lounge room for awhile and they werent really fussed about it. Sold the 3ft and the 5ft recently and upgraded to a 6x2x2.5 tank. Now Ive the 6ft and the 4ft in the lounge room. I guess just as long as the place is clean and tidy and youre paying ur rent on time they dont really mind.
  4. Finally finished changing my tank over, man that's hard work. Glad that's over...Cheering.
  5. I got my 6x2x2.5 tank delivered on Wednesday arvo by Dennison Seeto so I'll be busy transferring my F1 Kitumba Frontosas from their 5ft tank tomorrow. Really stoked...
  6. Well I was really looking for a Display tank but thought to ask the question as A r Us is not too far from where I am. I did contact a fella from the Gold Coast and his tanks look great and are Great value. But the tank I really wanted, a 6x2x2.5 with Sliding lids, bevelled edges and black vinyl background, reasonably affordable came from Dennison. So my order is in, hopefully June/July my tank gets delivered. Cheering... Once again thanks for the feedback.
  7. Thanx all for the replies appreciate it.
  8. Does the glass chip easily lids etc...Or so far so good. Cheers for the reply.
  9. Any one here got their tanks from Aquariums r Us? What are your thoughts? Tia
  10. Haha...Thanks mate that was Awesomely Put, Great Write Up!!! Pretty much read my mind really. Your first sentence really summed it up!!! Appreciated the input and the read now to hit up Dennison!!! Thanks Again.
  11. Hi all I have 9 Frontosa Juvies in a 5x2x2.5 but am going to upgrade soon. But cant decide if I should go for a 6x2x2 or 6x2x2.5. Some opinions greatly appreciated. Cheers
  12. Man that sucks! did u test your rocks? I did the vinegar test, if it fizzes it's no good. If your parameters are good, could possibly be the rocks leeching. I've never used any type of buffers for my tank just bought a bag of shell grit put it in a filter bag placed in my filter for ph that's pretty much it. I had 10 F1 Kitumba fry i bought in June this year within 2 months 1 got sick died and then 4 followed. I know how you're feeling. Good Luck mate.
  13. That sucks mate!!! How'd you do that? Is the glass easily Scratched? Reason i'm asking is I'm still contemplating on getting one in a few months.
  14. Sorry for the late reply mate but yeah it's real. Anubis on driftwood.
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