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  1. Yeah, I reckon it is a Protomelas. Do you have any tips on improving it's colour? Comparing it to some other photos, it's really drab
  2. Thanks Mick, I've done a little research and think it may be Haplochromis Ahli, but still not certain. I originally thought it was female due to lack of egg spots on the ventral fin.
  3. Hi all, I have a cichlid in my malawi tank that I'm trying to ID. I think it's a peacock, and a female. I'm hoping someone could help me with specific species. Key features include - peacock body shape - predominantly dark blue colouration -thick white stripe on dorsal fin -yellow stripe on ventral fin cheers for any help you can give.
  4. hey mate, i was wondering where you got those moonlights? they look absolutely incredible.
  5. hey guys, i'm not thinking of doing this at the moment, but theoretically, could i turn my pool into a pond, and has anyone else thought of or has, changed their pool to a pond?
  6. thanks, and that's one helluva pond you've got going!
  7. thanks, i would get mine from my local creek, it's just that my local creek is completely overrun with swordtails- however you can catch nice empire gudgeons.
  8. hey gotcrabs, do you know where i could find native rainbowfish sellers in brisbane?
  9. my malawi cichlid tank is completely covered in algae, i maintain my water parameters at ph8.0. is this normal, and is there any way to get rid of this (i.e. fish, treatment)?
  10. yeah, age of aquariums has hooked me up with some white angel, i'm going to get it in about one week time. cant wait.
  11. are paradise fish coldwater fish? i've read that they are.
  12. i hate buying malawi cichlids bulk, and then having all of them turn out to be females.
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