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  1. okay so I think I worked it out, I pulled everything apart again and the O ring the connect of the solid intake pipes disintegrated, weather that was the problem or not I now have to get replacement o rings, where would over them??
  2. I couldnt see any but I did notice that when it stops working air bubble work their way back up the intake hose, I guess that means air is getting in some where, would that be right?
  3. Hi everyone, i have a nautilus 800 canister filter on a 3 foot tank which has decided to stop working. It will prime and will run for a few minutes then it will lose its head of water and stop circulating water. I've cleaned everything and the empaller continues to work it just stops pushing the water through... anyone had had anything like this before or know what it will be?? It about 6 months old but I have no idea where the warranty might be and my cichlids have for the most part been without circulated water for two days (the air pump is still working so at least they have that 😓 Any my help would be much appreciated.
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