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  1. Bettas are carnivorous and do not need any veg, actually I'd advise against feeding them anything like that as they cannot digest it. Feeding a piece of cooked pea to a betta used to be a popular treatment for constipation but it can do more harm than good in the long run, if you have troubles with bloat or constipation try feeding them frozen/defrosted daphnia, as it works a lot better and won't hurt their insides!
  2. Definitely go for the 50W heater as well. I had a 25W heater in my 26L tank and the temp would still fluctuate a bit too much for my liking. It will only turn on when the water drops below a certain point so it's fine having the aircon heater on as well.
  3. Ohhh my favourite! keep us updated on how the spawn goes, I may be interested in purchasing in the future.
  4. Love how inquisitive some of these fish are. So mesmerising!
  5. Oh an esky is a good idea, I'll have to remember that for the future. Thanks! Thank-you! I do my best to give my betta the best home I can. I work at a small LPS and have gotten into numerous heated discussions with my boss about their care, and how they don't actually enjoy being kept in 500ml of water their entire life.. That and the non-aquatic plants she insists on stocking, hopefully one day she will do some research into it. Thanks!
  6. Thanks for the welcome guys! I'm looking forward to calling QLD home. Ohh the newspaper is a great idea, thanks! My tank has a hood so keeping humidity in shouldn't be a problem. I picked up a 2L watertight jar for my fish and a storage tub I can move my driftwood/anubias in.. I think I'm set! Is it worth taking some of the original tank water with me? My water is very acidic/soft, but I don't know what Brisbane's tap water is like (most city water seems to be alkaline and hard ime though). I guess it's not too big of a deal with just a betta, considering how adaptable they are, I just want to make sure he copes with the changes.
  7. I love accidentally stumbling onto Aussie aquarium forums! I'm very new to fish keeping, and I currently only have a betta + snails in a 28L tank with a whole bunch of plants, but I've been having so much fun! I'm moving to Bris in a few weeks and I'm already excited about finally being able to set up some more aquariums. I doubt I'll venture into anything more than just nano tanks for now, but we will see. Does anyone have any tips on transporting a planted tank? The trip will likely be a good 5 hours.
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