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  1. Hi guys Any recommendations on where to get CO2 tanks/cylinders around brisbane? I'm looking for a 2.0+kg gas tank. Thanks
  2. Do you still have shrimp, Ill take them.  Have you more than 50, 100 would be good.  Please provide phone # and I will ring to arrange pickup.

  3. never use fert in a new tank, coz there is a high risk of having excess and you get algaes. Do 80% water change and cut back lighting hours to reduce algae load. Persistant algae growth can be remove by culling the infested parts of plants or treating the plant with diluted hydrogen peroxide for 5 minutes (available in pharmacies)
  4. Try googling Low tech Planted tank. They are beautiful, great for beginners. I started a Moss, fern driftwood scape with great satisfaction and learnt alot from then on. There are substrates for plants (earth based) or inerts gravels for low maintainence plants. If you are not intending to go into high lights and co2, just start with river sand/gravel. Low maintainence tank do not require much fertilising except a monthly dose of carbon nutrients (Seachem. Flourish Excel). Dosing without experience will risk ending up with a tank of algaes.
  5. thirteen

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    salvinia minima, classified as a floating weed in QLD.