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  1. Is that tank glass starphite low iron glass?
  2. Hi JoJo. Thank you for messaging me back, by the way I am sorry for saying to you you must be a teen because you don't use power tools. I didn't think at that moment that it could be for other reasons..... I am sorry. Thank you for messaging me back nicely aswell . Since I thought you were a teen. But your an adult!
  3. Hi jojo. I like your aquarium setup! By the way, are you a teen or something, because you can't use powertools you said. I am a youngish teen aswell. I am planning on setting up a 4x2x2 aswell as you have. I think your tank apears to be a starphire aquarium, but mine will be the standard glass. The reason why is because i have to pay for the setup myself!!!! since i am doing a complete setup (tank, modern cabinet and hood) with canister filter, i wont have enough money left for starphire. I don't even worry about not having starphire. The reason for that is because i will even it out by having a fluval 406 with upgrades aswell as media upgrades such as marinepure and more by me. Also a remote controoled "DIY LIGHT UNIT" i will make. Its always good to try something new. Oh yes, my setup is going to be a male African cichlid show tank setup. Im actually going to build two of these matching aquariums, not the tank though. The second setup will be a planted setup.
  4. At: jack loves fish. No, your tank could also be a 4x2x2ft 400L.... Im just guessing!!!
  5. Hi, I currently have a 30x12x15ft custom aquarium setup. It is 60 litres smaller than yours, mine is a 80L..... But in the future I will buy a larger cichlid display aquarium, at least a 4x2x2. At the biggest it would be a 6ft long
  6. Hi GotCrabs, Good idea on ur tank and natural plant soil.......... I also have an idea similar to yours, the tank will be a Juwel Korallux 60 54L aquarium. With natural live clay gravel similar to yours, plants such as elodea, jungle val, anubias, and a carpeted tank bottom, tank is a 54L si i will have plenty room, it will also have small shrimp, endler guppies (maybe), and some other small fish species
  7. Such as KING OF DIY? Hi IsaRich, I have had 5 years exp. with Fish and Aquariums, I enjoy my fish as they are my favourite animal and I love aquariums, so I am going to buy a 4x2x2ft aquarium in future and I will plan on building a 4ft modern cabinet aswell... JUST LIKE FISHFISH'S cabinet I have many aquariums running and I have about 200 fish in total, I also breed them and sell them.
  8. Hi I am one day planning on setting up a 4x2x2 custom African cichlid aquarium aswell... with a diy pine cabinet. The cabinet will be wrapped with some MDF all round 'to give it a nice modern appearance' I will also have 2 modern fairly big cabinet doors I will build in too. It will be painted gloss black, with built in lighting and a nice canister filter
  9. Hi Nice tank, What size is your aquarium?
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