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  1. Yeah I have watch that. The only reason I don't think so because the rest of my tank are ok...or it's wishful thinking
  2. Hi Maybe this should be made into a sticky. On another forum, a member called vyrille give me wonderfully helpful current information on treating Columnaris. At first I thought a I was dealing with TB but I believe I'm dealing with Columnaris for months. I'm going to condense a longish thread here to spread the great info. The original thread is here. I'm not advertising other forums but just want to give credit to a person that went above and beyond to help me out. The person sounds like either a vet, scientist, or more likely someone with many more brain cells then myself ;-p. All information and credit goes to vyrille. My original post was the same as I posted on QLDAF here At the time of writing vyrille had done research and found no recent prevalence sensitivities in Australia regarding common fish pathogens (which is good news) Medication Info for Columnaris kanamycin (Kanaplex etc) is a no no. Labs use it to purify the culture agar of other microbes to encourage Columnaris (flavobacterium) to grow. Oxytetracyline, trimetoprim-suflamethoxazole(TMP-SMX), and sometimes ciprofloxacin are known to work as studies in Europe and Asia have shown. Using one of these meds with nitrofurazone, salt and methylene blue seem to be the best course of action Making medicated food is a must with Oxytetracyline and adding nitrofurazone is helpful. Dosing 100mg Oxy per 10gal each day with a water change before each dose. For 10 days Feed medicated food twice a day for 10 days 1 tbsp per 5 gallons salt. Remember if you have a 40 gallon tank for instance, after the initial 8 tbsp ONLY replace salt for the amount of water removed. Example 50% water change, then you would only add 4 tbsp of salt. Note Dosing the tank is supplemental but encouraged Bacterial and Parasitic Diseases of Pet Fish.pdf FA08400.pdf
  3. Hi RedDragon, I sent you a message regarding flagy. Check out the replies over here as well https://www.fishlore.com/aquariumfishforum/threads/tb-columnaris-or-something-else.427863/page-2#post-4331820 . This guy sounds like a Vet or something. It's really good info
  4. Hi Just a bit of background. In my Australian native tank I've been losing a couple of fish a months. I always quarantine and use a hand full of medications during quarantine to try and kill any parasites and bacterial infections before adding new fish to my main tanks. I thought I had Columnaris a couple of months back so treated the whole tank with furan 2 but fish are still dying but without the tell tale "saddle" on them. I have a bunch of pictures here If someone take a look and let me know what you think. There are 3 different fish in the photos, some are of the neon rainbow that looks bloated, has red makes around its stomach, missing scales on the stomach and today what looks like a white lump forming on one side, the next is of a boesemani that has gone completely white, and the last is of a olive perchlet that has a white lump on its mouth. The white boesemani might just be totally stressed due to being the only female with 3 male boesemani. Sorry forgot to mention that I'm currently treating the tank with kanaplex and feeding medicated fish food with kanaplex and metro. Thanks for any help
  5. Hi I have a problem with a smallish Bream named Tim. I currently have him in a 3ft brackish tank with 1 archer (used to be 4). I kept a close watch on the tank for the first week because Tim has killed everything within minutes that has shared his tank. He had even bitten the heads off gudgons 4x his size within 5 mins of adding them to the tank. Anyway, Tim showed no interest in the archers until 2 days ago. To be fair, I've been a little slack lately in feeding etc due to life being busy. Has anyone kept a Bream or is keeping one with other fish? Is it normal for a Bream to be such a predator? or is it my not feeding for 3 days? My issue is I don't really have anywhere to house the last archer. I have a 6ft tank with SA cichlids, 5ft tank with bass, perch and a ballrout, 4ft tank with Rainbows and pygmy perch and a 2ft with native soles, peacock gudgon etc
  6. Thanks for all the replies. I have been in hospital getting a knee reconstruction and been to out of it to write a reply. Haven't seen my fish since Tuesday and won't for another week or so unfortunately.
  7. I couldn't see any bristles on them to be honest more looked kind of like a organ or something
  8. Hi John Thanks for the reply but what is the " big l treatment ". Never really had many issues before
  9. Hi Everyone, Today I was cleaning out my canister filter and found what appears to be these red worms. I have recently purchased plants (one being attached to drift wood). Here are pics of the worms http://imgur.com/a/fYl24 I found a long one at the bottom of the filter. Any idea what they are? How to get rid of them? and Are they dangerous to my fish? Cheers
  10. I have a 3ft tank but it was on the back lawn but because it's been pissing down in Sydney I tried to pick it up but it kept slipping. I'm thinking of claiming cost due to the plants I'll probably lose. Only 6mm unfortunately
  11. I have added some new photos of the stand and a close up of the crack where it started from. The stand is based on this
  12. I agree people most likely have in the past but the thing is the crack is like inside the glass if that makes sense. You cannot feel it on either side. So I guess I have a leg to stand on because if I dropped some on it etc there would be a psychical mark
  13. Luckily my brother in law is a lawyer so I might bring him with me ;-p. I have the bass in a spare 2ft by himself because he looks like has some sort of fungus infection. The Oscar and the BN pleco is in a 125L tote (which I hope doesn't break because its bowing heaps), the Bream and empire gudgeon's are in a 20L bucket. The filters are running in 20L bucket. But they are on the back verandah so not sure how dark I can keep it and of course I have just sanded it and applied the 1st coat which now I believe I have stuffed it
  14. Yeah its under foam. I have never seen on either. The store tried to say I set it up without being level then noticed the crack emptied it all, made it level and reset it up. Also tried to say because I wasn't using their stand that it's not covered by warranty. I told them well you should have told me that before purchase.
  15. Hi Guys, As the title states I setup my new 5ft aquarium yesterday and what appears to be a stress fracture. Here are some pictures http://goo.gl/A6VLGZ. I included the level in the pictures to show the store that the stand and the tank is 100% level. The funny thing is it starts from the top of the tank down to about 1/3rd or a little more. Is this possible for a stress fracture? I won't say which store yet as I'll give them time to see if they will fix it (they have already started making excuses). The problem (apart from the crack) is they wont do anything until their tank builder views the pictures and his away for a week. The store has informed me to empty the tank asap because it might explode but as i'm doing it myself I cannot set up my old tank again. So my only option is to keep my fish in a totes and buckets. I have 1x Oscar (about 3-4"), 1x Bass (4-5"), 1 little bream, 2x empire gudgeons, and 1x BN pleco. I cannot keep the bass in a bucket or tote with the Oscar because the hate each other and the other fish so they'll need to be placed into separate buckets. My question is how many water changes would I need to do a day and how do I keep my beneficial bacteria alive in the canter filters as they are too strong for a tote or bucket (a 800 L/h and a 2200 L/h
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