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  1. Looking for a LFS that stock Microworm cultures. Anyone know of any? thanks
  2. Got my first mail order from the tech den yesterday. It was well packaged and prompt delivery even with the Easter break. Another reason to come back!!
  3. I hope to be at the show next month......pretty busy with cattle and show poultry at the moment though.
  4. mustard Gas with a bit more orange in the yellow. Female is nearly all orange( blue in scales)
  5. its been a while, I'm bound to stuff the first couple of spawns up..
  6. GREAT!!! they will come quick and fast...... I have bred bettas and all other tropicals for years in the past, but now i'm focused on HMPK. I have started buying some sibling pairs to get back into it. I just cannot believe the quality of fish you can purchase in AUS now. (through specific sellers). very excited. I just picked up a pair of HMPK Orange Mustard Gas from the P.Office.... now floating in tanks. wont be long before i kick of spawning.
  7. Thanks @ pk333 . I'll check that stuff out. Appreciate the info.
  8. Thanks [MENTION=56]savage_roo[/MENTION]
  9. Looking for a breed standard. I believe there is an IBC show standard, but can not find on the net. Getting serious about breeding with the intent on showing. I am am guessing there will be a standard for each fin type and colour? Currently focusing on Plakad. I am am used to breeding show poultry to standard and would like to ensure I am on the right track with my fighters. Any my help would be appreciated. Thanks
  10. Sorry guys, just getting back in to the hobby, I have some questions........Where is the auction? Do you need to pre register? Or do you just show up? Do they sell Bettas there? And [MENTION=11301]Lictoga[/MENTION] if there are checkerboards there....its on!!😄 I ised to keep them years ago, one of my favourite fish.
  11. Thanks to the guys and girls at The Tech Den for the great service. For someone just getting back in to fish, the advice and talking some stuff through with them was great. Trust me .... I'll be back.
  12. Thanks all for the welcome. Set up some tanks today and I'm getting very excited about aquariums again. Have some Dragon HMPK now. I'll have to make sure I don't get carried away with too many tanks this time. I also breed show poultry and run cattle, so I'm only gonna have the best quality fish I can afford.
  13. When I had guppies, lyre tail, and green snakeskin were the thing. I see now it's endless.
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