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  1. Hi yes I bourt the blue peacock from a shop called fish tank
  2. Thanks Doug and Daniel I'm pretty happy with my decision my second choice would have been Eureka red jacobfreibergi
  3. Thanks for all the replies I went to labyrinth Aquariums today and met Andrew he was gyrate and helped me to pick out a breeding colony of Small benga peacocks
  4. Thank you very much for the reply Doug I'll look into labyrinth aquariums I was thinking of breeding the sunshine peacock but I no theirs to types of those
  5. Thanks for the reply Daniel wich species of peacock would you recommend breeding
  6. So everyone thinks it's a hybrid is it ok to breed him wold the fry bee ok if I did
  7. So would it be a bad idea to breed he or she to a nother blue peacock or scrap the idea and get a new male
  8. The other blue peacocks at the store wer bigger and a lighter blue he also has yello egg spots cuming through I thort it mite be mbenji or a Chiluba
  9. Thanks for the replie it was sold to me as a blue peacock but I don't no wether it's a hybrid or wat species it is
  10. Hi I'm Tom from kellyville NSW I'm new to qldaf I was wondering if any one could help me identify a male blue peacock cichlid I bourt for breeding
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