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  1. Awesome deal, I wish I had more room available.
  2. Awesome stuff, good to hear they are doing well.
  3. I was very keen to get ( Pseudomugil mellis ) Honey Blue Eyes for my aquaponic system for Mosquito control. after looking into it I found out they are currently protected and a Threatened Species (at least in Q.L.D.). The laws are very strict in my opinion and I also agree with them fully. http://www.environment.gov.au/cgi-bin/sprat/public/publicspecies.pl?taxon_id=26180 I decided just to stick with what I can buy from the shops and breeders to stay safe from fines (gawd knows I get enough of them as it is ha ha ha). Also its nice to support the local shops and breeders that do great work for the hobby.
  4. That seems like an awseome idea and will cut the costs down a LOT. My only issue is I will need to drill my tanks.
  5. I might have to see if this guy is still looking for work.
  6. Cost is an issue but I am most likely going to go for the cheapest option I can. I have a massive supply of most of the parts already and it would be good to put them to use. I am a D.I.Y. sort of person so I feel that most of the work I can do myself. I will do a post in projects/D.I.Y. section to show what I come up with as it happens. Don't get me wrong I would love a Dalek or a Cylon to watch over my tanks, hahaha.
  7. @aquaholic99 Excellent point. I think that that the Reverse osmosis drip auto top off/water change system will be the best place to start. It can be added into any controller later and gives the best "insurance" for the money and it will stop most problems before they start. I agree the more time we have to watch our fish and find out what they need is essential to succeeding. The fish/tanks I have that I want to automate are: 4x2x2 (4 @ 15 cm+) and (4 @ 8 cm+) Electric Blues 6x2x2 (12 @ 10 cm) Maingano and (15 @ 10 cm) Electric Yellow 8x2x2 (5 @ 15 cm+) Frontosa and (10 @ 8 cm) Lemon Neolamprologus Leleupi 5.5x1.5x1.8 50+ assorted Bristlenose/peppermint, corydoras and dwarf otocinclus All tanks have anubias and java fern Plus 7 smaller tanks that don't need to be monitored/automated.
  8. @Donny@ageofaquariums the neptune apex looks very well thought out and at a good price considering what you get for your money, I will have to look into it more when I get a chance but it is up there with the robo tank as one of the best solutions. I really love the remote monitoring/control apps for the pc and phone. @aquaholic99 Automatic correction of environment variables would be nice but not essential. My first and foremost concern is monitoring the variables in the tank, things like temp, light, ph, ammonia etc.. A single display to collect all the info to show the levels with an alarm of some sort would be helpful. Secondly auto feeding and auto water changes. I want to do whatever I can do to simplify my current setup to give me more time to enjoy and monitor the fish. I am not looking for a set and forget option as I still have some time available to do most things but for the days I can't get time to maintain the tanks some automatic features would be an advantage. As it stands I have a lot of separate probes, water test gear, auto feeders for the basic foods (I feed all "treats" manually) and ph/temp sensors on every tank. It is starting to get out of hand and space is limited. My wiring is a mess and needs a full overhaul as the "just add more as we need it option" has resulted in power boards, sensors and timers every where. I have tap water to the room and drains in place with garbage bins to hold the water during water changes and cleaning. This system is effective but takes up a lot of room (I could have more tanks if I get rid of the bins). So I am at a point of overhauling the system. On top of it all most of my fish are now breeding and there is the fry to raise up as well. Whatever I can do to make my time in the fish room more orientated around the care for the fish and not the care for the tanks themselves would be an advantage. As an example I was going to do a scheduled water change but never got around to it due to having to strip out all the decor from a 6x2x2 tank (120 kg of rocks and plants) to catch the fish that had fry and strip them. As a result I never got around to doing the water changes and now I feel bad that the water change has had to be delayed while I set up more grow out tanks and deal with the fry. It was 2 weeks before I got time to do the water changes.
  9. I have been looking into fully automating my tanks (initially my 3 display tanks). This means everything that can be done automatically. Sensors - water level, ph, ammonia, chlorine, temperature, light level, ammonia, carbon dioxide, oxygen and flow rate of filters. Controllers - lights, heaters, chillers, auto feeders, filters, air pumps, fertilizer/medicine dosing, co2 injection and water changes (using reverse osmosis water). Displays - Lcd display or multiple displays near the tanks to show vital information. Data Logging - Post to a pc or similar device to log readings Remote control - For example to kill the power to the room in case of an emergency or turn off the filters to manually feed a tank. I have seen a lot of controllers that can do some of these things like the "sensye reef" priced well at $150 but very limited and really only covers some of the sensors seneye reef and the "open aquarium fish tank monitoring for arduino" system allow $1000 per tank for this one open aquarium "robo tank" priced at about $400 one of the better systems I have found so far robo tank website the kit I like the best so far complete controller kit So before I go buying components I would like to know how far everyone who has traveled down this route has got with their own automatic systems and if they have any advice or suggestions. Also here is a few videos of some systems that are pretty close to what I was thinking of trying to replicate. Arduino controlled Aquarium Video Jarduino Aquarium Controller Robo Tank Video (currently the best option)
  10. I got some off ebay but they don't hold much food (about half a cup of pellets) and it is only good for about 2-3 weeks on my 6x2x2 with 20 electric yellows before I have to refill it. The only issue I have found is the moisture from my tank made the little door that opens to let the food out gets stuck so I used some hot glue and glued a 5 cent coin on it to add some weight and its perfect now. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Pond-Aquarium-Tank-Timer-Feeding-Digital-LCD-Auto-Automatic-Fish-Food-Feeder-Hot-/191918094538?hash=item2caf35b8ca:g:HWgAAOSwuzRXf2Is You could turn it down to the smallest setting and get a lot longer out of it before it needs to be refilled.
  11. I would suggest you look at getting an auto feeder if you go with the first option.
  12. You should always be fearful of a man who keeps 16 large large pigs or a tank of piranha as pets. https://youtu.be/m_5gvRxSsiU (cant figure out how to insert videos)
  13. I have 2 ir guns and the missus even got one for the kitchen. They are good, quick and accurate. I have not tried the really cheap ones but i assume they would do the job just as well.
  14. Nice work, Looking amazing and I'm sure it will only get better once the plants really start to take off. are you using or going to use co2 ?
  15. I would report it to gumtree. That being said its hard to tell if the guy has not just pulled it from the main tank to get better pics. This is from gumtree's pets policy As far as I understand this we are to go check the animals welfare before reporting it. Which means we are unpaid police for gumtree. Either way you look at it gumtree is not a good place for buying live aquatica. There is no accountability or responsibility. At least on this fourm we can see quite easily who is just here to unload some problem/mistreated pets.
  16. @matmatmat I hope that Banned tag above your avatar is an inside joke. lol
  17. That's a pretty huge hole in the tank. Was it an old tank, all braces on the top intact and secure ? Also for a 4 foot tank I would go with 10 mm or thicker if its standard annealed glass. 8mm should be fine but the extra thickness of a 10 mm adds about twice the strength (sort of like an insurance policy). ideally tempered or hardened glass would be the best to use for tanks because it is almost 5 times as strong, but its not too good for drilling holes and the price is a lot higher. Sorry to hear you lost some bn its always sad when you try to do everything you can to help them survive only to see something like this happen. I hope you adults get busy with the next batch of fry soon. I just lost some 3-5 cm common/lf bristlenose, 3 pepermints and 10 maingano fry due to a water change. I am still not sure what caused it but whatever it was wiped out the whole tank, it was also a 4x2x2. Lost about 50 fish in total. I had an algae bloom in the tank and did a 50% water change to try to reduce it and after testing the water twice all i can put it down to was temperature shock or seq water had too much chlorine in the tap water that day. I was sad to see them go but will start again when I can get more babies. I just ordered a chlorine test kit for all my future water changes.
  18. It's coming along nicely, hope the big disaster is not too bad
  19. It's looking really nice so far. Any ideas on what filters you have planned for it yet ? I have not done co2 before either but one tip i picked up is to get a co2 system you can use a timer with and turn it on and off 1 hour after the lights come on and 1 hour before. This is due to the plants not using the co2 when the lights are off and it can hurt the fish. you can get these off ebay for about $15 each
  20. I just watched this video a few days ago and he mentioned the algae that grows on the glass and how to deal with it. I forget what he recommended but the whole video is a good source of info to give you some ideas how to control it in the future. Also I just got a nice scraper off ebay for $10 to clean the insides of my tanks too so that might be an option if your fish are too territorial. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/331845968576?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  21. I was talking to a old guy who runs a stone merchant about these rocks today and showed him a sample, he said they were imported into Australia and he had not seen them for at least 15 years..... The hunt continues.
  22. I find that snails are opportunistic and when they realize that fish food is easier and tastier then dead plants etc... they start to wait for it. So don't overfeed the fish for a start. This will slow down the explosion in numbers as the lack of food will make them not want to reproduce as much. Once you have the snails keen for more food use a trap baited with fish food. Since you have Tropheus its perfect to use some spirulina type of snail bait like algae wafers. Grab a trap similar to this one and put 1-2 wafers in the red cage bit in the middle. I have had some good results with them but its a slow process. If they are still a problem after that then look at the "burn it with fire" option. I have also used chemicals with no real success as they tend to cause more issues then they solve.
  23. All ways look for anything even slightly wrong with the stuff you buy on gumtree, it makes for an awesome tool to hammer down the price they listed it for. for example, I just bought a new sofa for the kids to destroy. They had it listed for $150 which was a fair price but when I got there I noticed their dog had chewed on one of the armrests so I offered them $90 and we ended up settling on $100. It took me about an hour between a few beers to fill the marks with some body filler left over from the last paint job I did on a car for a mate and sand it back and respray the armrest. looks good as new now
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