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    I like having fish for my grand daughter
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  1. Sim1b

    ID needed please

    I watched a few iTube videos defiantly a rainbow. So that's a good thing yay thanks for all help
  2. Sim1b

    ID needed please

    Unfortunately we haven't been able to catch any of the bigger ones yet as the pond is slightly hard to get to , They look grey from above which isn't much help I know sorry, Trying to upload a video I took to see if that helps, but couldn't get it to load mvery appreciative of your help everyone. Thanks
  3. Sim1b

    ID needed please

    Ohh I hope not I thought they looked more like a guppy because I've seen those before and definitely not the same fish
  4. Sim1b

    ID needed please

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum so hope this is ok, found these fish in a friends pond today and hoping for id they ranged from 2 cm to about 6 or 7 cms the pond owners have no idea what they are as they just have goldfish they thought lol
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