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  1. hi all i have a 8ft tank on stand and i will be moving verry soon and i wanted to get some idears on the best way to move it i was thinking a truck or would there be a better option im not 100% shore has any one moved one that size before thank you
  2. i dont know if this has been covered i have a big tank and i want to see what people use to do wateer changers i use a house but it feels like there you be a quicker way with using pvp pipe or some thing like that thank you
  3. I need help with the filter i got it from my grandfather and i have never used one before and i want to know if it is running properly. I have it connected and the breathrr tube is out of the water but the wet and dry part on the back is filling up almost to the top then the fome in side lifts up and water drops the part of the foam that has the cut out and lifts up but the water comeing out of the outlet is very slow
  4. I want to put some more media in with out it cycling the tank and fx is cycled
  5. Just want to ask a quick question about adding new media
  6. I have a fx6 and tank are cycled i want to add some extra media what would be the best way to do it to save it from doing a cycle
  7. i have 3 oscars in with 5 americans have been living together fine with out any fighting living in a big 6 ft tank wanted to get some invertebrates for the tank and i have dun some research but could not find a proper answer so i thought i would ask what you all think any help would be great thanks
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