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  1. Hello [MENTION=17693]Criddle85[/MENTION] Vewwy Impwethive I have been thinking of doing wine glasses, is there anything you can tell me that will help. Where did you get the cactus. Do they need fertilizer, and do you have a watering regime, do they need full sun. Any help will be appreciated.
  2. Maybe something here https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10208222348022535&set=gm.890678964319950&type=3&theater
  3. A novelty tank mmm I have been thinking of a petrol head themed tank for a man cave - a sort of artificial reef. Real metal can be coated with something. It is a toss up to use radio controlled reject parts and tyres or small engine parts. It can't be any worse than a human skeleton bound up in chain as a tank decoration.
  4. I do not expect that it will be able to be repaired with silicon alone. I do not think it is even worth a try. It needs some material strength increase. One way would be to use the acrylic tank as a liner for a structurally strong outer tank. I would consider sealing it with silicon, make a box a few inches longer than the tank, cut in a viewing window, and pour concrete in each end around the liner
  5. I had a look. @ 10:15 AM they were 3 deep at some tables selling fish. Plenty of enthusiasm too, you could have bottled it. I hope everyone was happy with their bargains and their selling price and the event bringing in some cash for the organizers.
  6. I can answer that, the bubbles in tanks do not do much to aerate the water but it does change the surface water in contact with the air and that is where oxygen transfer takes place. Dams with no flow have very little oxygen below 2 or 3 metres and the water is "dead" because that is as deep as any wave action can take effect. Occasionally and without notice a dam can turn-over with the "dead water" coming to the top and causing fish kills. It does not happen often but it is one of the things to look for when investigating a fish kill in still water. In sewage treatment plants they use surface thrashers with large HP motors to beat oxygen into the surface water when it needs it, they never blow bubbles through it.
  7. Thanks [MENTION=13458]PeterH[/MENTION] I think moss breaks down water among other things. So to "ensure äir-changes" and provide fresh hydration in such a small place. I will be flooding it and draining it - the desired frequency is a mystery tho.
  8. Thanks [MENTION=17119]inkevnito[/MENTION] that is very encouraging.
  9. Thanks [MENTION=7778]TED[/MENTION] My plan is to store them with the corks out in a shady near window spot then wear them/show them off with the corks in place and hanging on a chain. I will probably flood them and drain them once per week. I might add some glitter but a seed pearl sounds good too. But I am posting to get as many opinions as I can, it will be all good. I might attract some attention if I wear it, but hey! speriments need to go the extra mile.
  10. A pic of my living moss terrariums that I made today, I will see if I can keep them alive.
  11. The first thing I would try is a few layers of cling wrap, it seems to cling close and personal and costs about nothing if you have some. Rumbo and the sea are associated ideas, well done, and a good idea and it is reversible if you get tired of it. Congratz
  12. https://www.ludowiciseals.com.au/ Engineering Bearing Suppliers usually sell them the specialist company for all things engineering rubbery is https://www.ludowiciseals.com.au/
  13. So called aquascaping is all a bit weird when I think about it. First we have the option of creating an attractive natural looking stage for our choice of fish and invertebrates. Then we put in the most unlikely underwater ornaments eg Budda or out of scale sunken wrecks skulls even human skeletons. So considering the above is fine - if it feels good do it. Then why not have a proper go and do a Sharknado type thing with the fish "flying around a cityscape. Or Man-cave with an artificial reef of tyres and pistons, there are plenty of tiny tyres around with RC cars. Metal parts can be coated in epoxy and rolled in sand. When I first saw a reptile tank with bull dozers etc I thought it was for fish, I admired it I thought it looked great.
  14. Yes #1 is a winner and as an artist I can tell you why it has appeal. Artists and photographers divide their scene into 3 horozontally and 3 vertically and their ideal feature points are where these lines cross. In #1 Budda is on one crossover point and above him and on the left hand the rock formation features on the other. So it is close to an ideal composition. Symmetrical does not do it for our idea of eye candy.
  15. Brilliant @Aquatic Paradise your composite build of tank/stand/ lock-up cupboard is just the ticket. This thread is going very well for me and I expect lurkers and posters are at least finding out what the options are. The "hangover" from all glass aquariums on a wood or steel stand is a good thing to avoid if you want something special. The lock-up to make access private is a great bonus. Re Engineering when I built my concrete house my mate who is a civil engineer advised building the frame to Lysaght specs and telling the council it was to be clad with AC sheets, but in fact bond on 50 mm of concrete. I did it and they gave it the tick without having to pay for engineering. The next step in "öut of the ordinary" aquarium build is getting rid of the square box look. A more natural appearance surrounding the viewing window would be good. The place to look for how to make that could be model train topography. I have an idea that they have a thermo plastic sheet of some kind and they lay out objects to represent hills and valleys, they place the plastic sheet on top and heat it until it droops into the valleys. But I have no experience with model train topography. An alternative that keeps coming to my mind is a lock in-place screen on coaster wheels. Unlock the screen then wheel it aside for the easiest possible access, do what you want to do then push it back and lock it. No doors or hinges should make for an easier build. Re engineering: Yes, if it is for ourselves it is fine to make what we like but if it is for sale or to go in a public place then we place ourselves at risk That is why an engineered product like galvanised stud frame is good, if you can fudge their engineering specs into your design.
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