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  1. Could it be an algae or something?
  2. I just add quick start every now and then and I use a water ager which is blue lol. I have only been dosing the amount of water I use for water change so I'm not sure how it would have built up enough to make it blue. Does look like I've used toilet cleaner 0_o
  3. Hi, my tank water has gone blue. It looks like it has a few drops of dye/food colouring in it. What could it be, and how do I fix it? Parameters are good. Cheers
  4. Feed for my corydoras. Poor wormys Out of curiosity, how/why are they used as substrate?
  5. Hi everyone, where can I buy live black worms between annerly and Logan. I don't want to shop at pet city mount Gravatt as I've had too many negative experiences. Thanks
  6. No, she has an online store and she imports betas and fancy goldfish from overseas (Thailand?). Very nice fish and she's very knowledgeable
  7. Thanks lictoga Are they fine left in with eggs and fry?
  8. Hi, I have peppered corys and Corydora trilineatus and was wondering at what size do corydoras start spawning? They are separated, but does anyone know if it's possible to interbreed the two varieties?What fresh veg can they eat? I've heard of feeding zucchini and thought it would be nice to add more fresh variety to their diet currently on sinking pellets for bottom feeders, as well as flake and occasional blood worms.thanks
  9. You can use salt or bicarb to make dogs throw up at home. There's also a laundry crystal that our vet uses lol.
  10. They might be able to source some friends for him
  11. Flitterbug

    Pond plant soil

    Hi all, I'm potting some water lilies for my pond and not sure what would be a fish safe potting mix. What do you use? Thanks 😊
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