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  1. All finished now. Just need to get it home from Dennison's garage.
  2. I tried to convince him that a road trip to Bowen with his dad would be fun.... but he declined. ;-) The couple of big furniture crowds I've tried wanted more than the setup but now looks like I found someone through TruckIt.net at a reasonable cost.
  3. Hi I've just had the great news Dennison has finished my new setup and am now faced with the challenge of having it shipped from his place in Brisbane to Bowen North Qld. Can anyone recommend a removalist or freight company that they've used that's reliable and doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Regards and thanks.
  4. Google aquadecor m8. Their website is great.They custom make them to fit any size tank and cover weirs plumbing etc. Price depends on the model and tank size. They're expensive but as good as they look. Many members here have them. Here's a small example below
  5. It's been a long build but approaching the finish line. Here's the drawings and the finished sump.
  6. I live in Bowen north qld and the power has gone out for a week in the past here when a cyclone has come through. I have a 5 kva gen set that i plug into the house with a caravan plug installed into the fuse board. It runs everything in the house as normal except the air-con units. A 2200 ups covers the time it takes to get the generator online.
  7. It's been a while but things are progressing here. The tank and stand are under construction thanks to Dennison and his Dad And the background has been selected... just need the final measurements of the weir etc for Aquadecor to start making it.
  8. Nice painted cray. Hopefully his whiskers will grow back in time. Are you going to create a cave or ledge for him to get under. He'll never be happy otherwise.
  9. Looks unreal. Looking forward to seeing it running.
  10. Both those photos are around 25 years old and I've put on weight not lost it 😂
  11. Passed through TI plenty of times but was never based there. Also caught a few sharks over the years. As far as tigers are concerned it's much nicer seeing them from a boat than in the water. Even scarier at times are the oceanic silver tip. Fortunately you only see them in the coral sea.
  12. I spent quite a few years diving for a living chasing sea cucumbers on the Kimberley, NT and Qld coasts and have seen the results of being hit by the Irukandji. One bloke was hospitalised twice at Groodyt Island in successive years. We'd pack up and head back to the East Coast when the boxy's started getting up in numbers. There's definitely a lot of friendlier jellyfish out there for a display tank.
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