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  2. Hi mate,

    Just wondering if you offer was still available for the ps3/360 swap?

    If so, please PM me with the offer. I believe it was a 360 console, 2 x controllers, cables etc, and $100 cash. Sounds like an alright deal. Also email pics if you can? to techpower888@gmail.com and lastly, how big is the HDD in the xbox?

    Look forward to hearing from you.


  3. I love the classics, fantastic value filters that just go and go. Easy to maintain too. In my opinion, the Eheim is a fantastic option for beginner or expert and represents great performance and reliability for the money. I say save up and get an Eheim. I can't vouch for the pro series though as I have never used them.. Ryan
  4. If you are willing to make a trip to the southside, Annerley aquarium sells the proper green Eheim hose. It's not cheap tho, about 5x the price of the clear, generic stuff. They also sell most other spare eheim parts like impellers, hoses, clamps, etc etc
  5. Hi mate, Would like to make my own custom stand soon and might be interested in this. Have made tanks in the past but this one is going to be display quality one. I will check it out thanks
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  7. Yeah, I saw that too...but it's constantly sold out. I will keep an eye on it and see if they get in more stock - but yeah, definitely the way to go if I can get it at that price. I am thinking I will need 4 bags, which brings the price under $200 Ryan
  8. This is why I am still looking into the Fluorite. You just KNOW that Seachem make a quality product, and the amount of research that goes into their products is often reflected in the price...
  9. Always best to have some coarser and finer substrate it allows the waste to fall through it better
  10. Hi Sean, Good to hear from you mate Can't wait to see yours with the rounded front, should be nice! Also glad that the calcium carb is working out for you. Did you get it swapped over for the right stuff or sell it off? Ryan
  11. Hey matt, Thanks for the heads up, not jumping into anything. Ryan
  12. Will keep you all updated I have been looking here: http://www.accenthydroponics.com/ecom1/ ... y175_1.htm And I am strongly considering a bag of aquaclay, about $140 delivered. That would basically be my substrate sorted. Gives the tank a really natural look too. Let me know if you think that would be a suitable ground base! Note, cost is not a huge issue here. I do like the idea of fluorite, but i don't think it would give as much of a natural look... Ryan
  13. Ohh yes. it's the goods I will probably save up and get a fairly good light, and maybe even look into CO2 but as stated earlier, wanna trial it on a cheaper tank first. Ryan
  14. Hi guys, Thanks for the kind comments I really don't know what I will do with it yet, I really like the whole planted setup thing, currently looking into different substrates for a more serious planted setup, but I still have much research to do. I am even considering practicing a planted setup in a smaller tank, similarly to some of the cherry shrimp setups in the tank shot thread. As for livestock, anything that is small and placid, like various tetras - neons, rummynose, rosy tetras etc... Ryan
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