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  1. The weight is low because i used a very light medium and there isnt much water in it at any given time.
  2. Hey guys... Just wanted to throw this up so you guy can give me some feed back. Let me know what you think.
  3. Ya...theres a mix of them...theres also a birds nest, pitcher plant and a couple of orchids. Im sort of into them as a shade option.
  4. Small aquaponic system...bunnings vertical garden over a toy tub...firetail gudgeons for mozzies...thinking about breeding blue eyes in it.
  5. Hey guys...just curious if anybody has experince keeping blue eyes and crimsons together in the same tank. I have 4×1.5×1.5 planted tank thats home to 7 crimsons...two big males, 5 females. So i wanted some more contrast in the tank so i got 15 pac blue eyes...well all was quiet at first then when the lights went out all hell broke loose. I lost two blue eyes and one male was left with no tail. So it didnt seem to be a problem prior to our move from melbourne to the sunshine coast and i had the same group of crimsons living with white clouds...never touched them. So im trying to figure out why now?
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