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  1. Hello, for a while I have been wondering if I can keep my bristlenose with my L-numbers? Cheers
  2. Hi guys, my peppered corydoras has a red spot under his fin. He is also floating to the top every 5mins and then rushing back down to the bottom of the tank. All other fish in the tank are fine cheersIMG_4136.MOV
  3. As it was my first year I was pretty happy with 3rd in livebearers Also well done to everyone else who participated and thank you to the people that passed down their knowledge and wisdom to me!
  4. Now I don't feel like telling people the price I paid
  5. Looks exactly like a dawn tetra. How much are they worth as I think I paid for to much.
  6. Hi guys, bought these fish as black-veil-tail tetra but they look like to me gold tetras? what do you think? and is there anyway of sexing them. cheers
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