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  1. If you don't find anything and feel like going for a 40 minute drive PM me and I will give you two locations.
  2. What is the LCA competition? curious to know - thanks.
  3. Im unsure about the whole 2473 type 30 vs w21.8 thread but regardless of whether youre a noob or pro, the change of nut and nipple is extrememly easy, all you do is unscrew the existing nut and nipple and change it out for the new one, if you can screw a light bulb in...you can change the nut + nipple. I would just buy the regulator, buy the australian 2473 type 30 so you know you can get the tank refilled and swap out whatever nut/nipple comes with the regulator for your new australian one. They shouldnt be expensive & im sure any bottle refill place or home brew shop will have the 2473 type 30.
  4. One thing you should keep in mind is that regardless of whether you get a regulator from the U.S, Australian, England etc you can make it work for Australian standards, all you have to do is replace the nut and nipple and you're good to go. So if you buy this regulator as an example : http://www.co2art.co.uk/collections/regulators-solenoids/products/advance-professional-aquarium-co2-dual-stage-regulator-and-solenoid-magnetic-valve All you need to do is swap out the nut and nipple that connects to the CO2 cylinder and either re-wire the solenoid for australian standards or just buy a power converter for the solenoid.
  5. Is the tank indoors or outdoors? Worst case scenario is could be camallanus worms
  6. Yes it can, heres what it looks like emersed, I got the picture of TPT
  7. There are two creeks close to Auchenflower that I've seen them in before, along with Rhads, Empires, Firetails, Shrimp etc. We may be talking about different locations, im not sure but the locations im talking about are both known by fisheries so no need to report. Your best bet is to just send them an e-mail and let them know as no one here can really help you out without a location.
  8. Bagging on donny and the company he works for? Im not venting my anger at anyone but if youre going to make stupid comments at me like he did then im not just going to lay down and say nothing back, your post implies like im just talking **** about his company for no reason. These rules will change nothing except people stop coming to the forum, with the rise of social media and other avenues to sell like Gumtree, Facebook, Ebay, all it will do is push sellers further away, which is obviously what the forum wants. The only point I was trying to make when I started what i was saying was that if these rules are going to be in place for people selling wholesale from there home, then why arent they applied if I was selling a used light fixture, or filter etc.
  9. What kind of stupid comment is "bet you are fun at parties eh" as if you are trying to make fun of Canadian's for saying "eh", and what the hell do parties have anything to do with this. Being new has nothing to do with anything, I've been apart of many forums and successful aquarium clubs and organizations, and given many speeches for aquarium clubs on topics. For someone like yourself who is representing a company, talking **** to a customer is pretty low on your part; I'll be sure to stay the **** away from your company and make sure others I associate with do as well. "Good on ya mate"
  10. Just curious as to how #1 is relevant at all? If thats one of your positions you might as well ban the sale of any electrical dry goods as sellers don't have insurance for that either...there is zero difference?? I'm not against this forum or anything but the rules here are really strict; a forum should be about free speech and sharing of information, not about plugging away sponsors. Its already bad enough that you're not even allowed to post links to other sites besides a sponsors site, I think that really draws away from traffic coming to this forum in comparison to many other leading forums around the world. Its like saying if I buy plant fertilizers and make my own bottles to sell to people which are 10x cheaper and 10x more effective then the garbage sold in LFS's that this is against the rules because I'd be considered a "back yard trader" and I "dont have insurnace" or "pay tax" or "employ young Australians". Do you see how silly that sounds? I really think you should come up with a more revised and thought out "Annoucement" before posting such a thing as its just detering people from wanting to join here or share information to actually advance the hobby in Australia without having to spend ridicilious amount of money buying everything from a LFS.
  11. Mmm, I would consider that more of a low tech tank in terms of plants, T5s are the normal slim bulbs in which you probably already know and T5HO just stands for T5 high output, they are normally a larger wattage bulb, resulting in a brighter light. Since you have discus im sure you want to show off their colours so I'd go the T5 route.
  12. If you can replace it with the silver one I would do that, considering the tank is 60cm deep youre gonna need some good lighting to penetrate the bottom properly. Personally I dont use LEDS as they wont give you those reds and greens your looking for like a T5 will (Google "the green gap"; you'll then understand). I'm not saying LEDS cant grow plants but you cannot compare the colours of LED VS T5 or T5HO. To better answer your question about the bulbs, I think knowing what kind of plants you wanna keep is the most important question. If you're just keeping it low tech with ferns and anubias then its not as important as if you wanted to keep a high tech tank with plants like A.R mini, some rotala species, carpet plants, etc.
  13. T5's will perform a lot better then T8's, but it also depends on the type of reflectors youre using as some generate more PAR then others. Depth comes into play as well
  14. The most common one used is the Bacter 100 I believe its called, its got a bunch of dormant bacteria in it that help prevent anerobic conditions in the substrate. I know you can add others like the iron one and then the tourmaline BC, basically just a mix of trace elements. Waste of money, youre better off just sprinkling some Plantex CSM+B or dosing fertilizers.
  15. I would worry about your ammonia and nitrogen levels from the compost leaching into your water. Do you have a test kit? If so test and see what it looks like. Next time you do this...don't use newspaper at the bottom to stop the compost from leaching out, its paper and will dissolve quite quickly especially if the fish pick at it. I use a layer of gravel, then a bit of sand to cover the gravel, then I use my own mix of mineralized soil, and then cover that with smaller gravel. Also one thing I do is thoroughly soak the pot I'm using before I put it in my pond, as if you don't, it'll just float up and cause a mess everywhere.
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