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  1. hey aquaholic99, thanks for the great tips, i will definitely try and put it into practice when i go out next.. i take it youve done abit of underwater photography then? i will be getting some good ones in a few months time, cos im moving to WA, so it'll be a little diff to here
  2. lol my bad.. i guess i just got confused when i read the name haha thanks for clarifying.. i knew talapia were illegal though.. iv seen a shop here have one as well thats why i asked
  3. are you saying that this fish "Paratilapia pollini" is illegal in qld?
  4. thats cool mate, yeah it is a little hard to distinguish between different one as they all basically look the same except for like differnt coloured spots or something hey? unlucky hey, i just wish i could have a saltwater tank, period..
  5. there is only one pic with the blenny's in it, but thanks for the help i see that it is a little more difficult to identify these little buggers just with one pic.
  6. hey thanks for all your replys guys.. still trying to work out the ins and outs of getting a great pic but im slowly getting there.. flopping flamingos, yeah the clarity up here can be a pain in the ass some times hey.. only get a few good days every now and then.. some of these pics were out of a rock pool too, so the water was a little clearer. i will put some more up when the water clears up again this was in bundy too by the way
  7. just got myself a new underwater camera and went and tested it out.. if yous could identify and of the species that would be great.. one of my favs
  8. true.. howcome? i will be too in a few months when we move, bit hard to take a tank a few thousand kms on a plane haha..
  9. sure is a very brightly coloured jd aye.. would love to have a pair of them too oh and i did take out all the gudgeons and did a big clean as you seen by the pics, and they did lay eggs, but no babies? i think they ate the eggs too cos some of them were white and some where yellowish, im guess the yellowish ones were the fertilised ones? hows yours coming along??
  10. thanks ohsweetness, glad you love it, i do too
  11. this is my four foot gold saum tank updated.. also on here viewtopic.php?f=9&t=26034
  12. haha, my bad.. glad i know now. yeah i do mean the festea, the one in the lst pic. but either way they are all great looking fish, but my two favs are the jag and the festea.
  13. love it mate.. great shots. i love the green on your umbee
  14. great tank mate, gotta love natives..
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