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  1. wow they are awesome Alasse what size tanks are each of these?
  2. yep im thinking of going the ada too was just trying to keep cost down
  3. Did you end up going with this set up?
  4. Oh also is it ok for catfish ect? and what do you use under it? i was going to go with potting mix, or b&B and cat litter?? not sure... or just this with ferts??
  5. Awesome thanks for the fast reply mate!!
  6. Is this gravel ok as a cap for a substrate planted tank? Or is it still to big? Or would pool sand be better then this? Cheers
  7. 1- 600x285x340- 57 lit 15gal 2- 900x390x450- 158 Lt 41 gal 3- 1300x365x450- 214 lt 56.5 gal 15 Gal will be a quarantine/ fry tank if needed. would i need to run this tank all the time? and should i plant it? 41 gal i was thinking would be planted and have fish like rainbows, mollys, guppys, neon ect? 56 gal would be planted and have 3 pearl gouramie and 3 angel fish, 6 juii cory , 5 kuli loaches and something else...? OR 40 gal 3 pearls, 1 angel? and 6 corys. 56 gal a large fish something with personality and a few cory ? So for these types of tanks would these filters be ok? i need to keep cost down and electricity low. 40 gal Aqua One Advance 750 Aquis Series II Canister Filter OR AQUA ONE NAUTILUS 800 LPH and a sponge filter. 55 gal AQUA ONE ADVANCE 1050 AQUIS SERIES II CANISTER FILTER OR AQUA ONE NAUTILUS 1400 LPH and sponge filter 15 gal not sure yet AS I dont know if this tank needs to run full time or only when needed? thanks guys [h=1][/h]
  8. not overly heavy planted... so if it was your tank 3 angel 6 Pearl Gourami, would that be 1 male to 5 female or 2 male 4 female? would males get along ok tho? all pearl ? angles all female? Thanks for the reply
  9. Tank is 58 Gallon 130x38x45cm 222L empty, so will be less with Sub and planted. How many Angelfish and Pearl Gouramis fit? 1x Angel 3x Pearl 1M/2F Or 2 -4 Angel 2x pearl with 1x Pictus Catfish 5x Julii Cory 5 x Kuhli loach maybe some Glass shrimp?? Happy to loose the loachs if needed.... and shrimp (i know the angels may eat them) Cheers
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