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  1. Welcome [MENTION=18199]SuperJed[/MENTION] ! Glad to hear you are enjoying it, at least now you can see how DARN EASSSY it is to get addicted to this hobby! lol, and dont hesitate to ask anything on here! The folk here are EPIC (and a little Nuckin Futs)! You couldnt be in a better place Look forward to updates & pics of your new purchase:clap2:
  2. Welcome to you !!!! Can't wait to see pics of your new project
  3. Welcome @Caramels Fishy Friends Havent' seen your welding to comment he he he. But i DO know that James fella is pretty damn good to deal with! Only problem with that darn store is, i go in there to buy ONE thing,,, end up walkin' out with MORE! You should have a Warning sign at the door: Highly Addictive Store & Goods, Enter at own Risk! Am needing a male fighter, will be in to see ya this week. If google doesnt work for y'all, try em on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Caramelsfish/
  4. Big thanks to [MENTION=231]gingerbeer[/MENTION] for being painLESS to deal with & for being a punctual and professional Admin. Keep up the good work Bud
  5. Sweet as [MENTION=15530]Netto14[/MENTION], i did pm [MENTION=231]gingerbeer[/MENTION] earlier, hopin' to hear back. All good tho, just would hate to see this happen to anyone else is all. Cant thank ya enuff for bein' so helpful. *shakes hand*
  6. Although i am loathe to ask, is there anything i can do about a,,,, um,,, erm,,, person on here that ripped me off [MENTION=15530]Netto14[/MENTION] ? Not wanting to cause drama (am on my 3rd round of Cancer, DONT need anymore rubbish), just a bit crissed off :/ deal was: 6ft tank, stand and all fish inside (mighty handsome fish) in the middle of bum-feck nowhere, but worth the drive cause of contents of tank. Went there today, errrr, Handsome fish were sold, plus most of the contents......... Only really was keen on the tank cause of the MIGHTY HUGE ghost knife, pleco's, thai glass etc.... Sorry if this sounds rude,,,, was just the Pin in my Balloon that someone could take a few hundred $$$$ off ya and not tell ya until you have driven a few hours to get there *sob*. I'm hopin' & prayin' there isnt more ppl like that on here, its a purdy good site so far
  7. LMFAO @ [MENTION=9246]Donny@ageofaquariums[/MENTION]!! Fail Shot! *YOINK*! Consider that phrase stolen! when i work out how to drive this darn puter, will get some pics of my ding-a-lings up
  8. Was really groovy of ya not to laff at me [MENTION=15530]Netto14[/MENTION] !!! ha ha, nah, thanks bud
  9. Oh my! *kicks self* thanks ever so much [MENTION=15530]Netto14[/MENTION] , crikey, i AM too old for this stuff! he he
  10. Thanks for the welcome [MENTION=16722]Joshwd[/MENTION] and lawdy i hope so! ha ha, internetty-thingy-doo-daddy aint friendly to us ol' chooks! And how cool! what are you keeping?
  11. Shcweet! Thanks for the welcome [MENTION=12862]Affinity[/MENTION]! Handy to know there is some friendly & crazy folk here. I'm friendly and rather Mentally Disenfranchised my own darn self
  12. Heya [MENTION=625]butch50[/MENTION], thanks for the welcome matey, and THANKS for the epic goodies you sold us!
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