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  1. Welcome to a great forum!!
  2. Welcome and enjoy the journey..
  3. Dammmmm!!!! looking forward to watching this build
  4. Hi, I am using 40mm on some tanks and no issue. You can push a lot of water through 40mm!! Bridging is used on tanks on same level, if you want to use this for 2 tiers, then tier 1 will be bridged as a unit and tier 2 as a unit, if you wanted to share water between the 2 tiers you would have to make some modifications by having a "overflow system" to feed the bottom tier and then use canister to feed up to tier one. 4ft tanks are fine to use, it is really about the tanks being the same height that are being bridged, the size of the tank does not really matter. Yes the bridges create self regulating / leveling. There will be a point where the bridge diameter will be to big and the water will fall out of the bridge, but you should never get to that point. If you have concerns get 2 cheap plastic containers (same height), build one bridge between the 2 and if you have a spare power head, get it to pump water from one container to the other. Then you can see if the bridge is doing what you want without spending lots of cash. @aquaholic99, has used this system on more than one tier and can provide some pics if you ask him nicely. :-) Cheers
  5. Hi, There are 2 ways I use. For 15/20mm pipe I submerge the U-bend in one of the tanks, get all the air out and then close each end with my thumbs. Place one end in one tank and the other in the other tank under the water and then remove thumbs. For the large pipes 40/50mm I use the same method except that I use plastic fish transport bags on each end filled with some water, instead of thumbs. (make sense?)
  6. Good to have these conversations and learn from each other. Thanks to all for their contributions.
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