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  1. Very neat setups, I remember using some of humble beginnings of 3D background 20 years ago back in Europe, they certainly look a lot more impressive these days.
  2. Your Discus have mastered the art of photobombing (videobombing in this case). I guess you won't be using you magnetic cleaner for a while Nice set up
  3. Champion! thanks for that. Open for any recommendations on 12V equipment people are using, key items are: Pump I have found this pond pump which will suit the performance and head height i will need, one for each tank: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/12V-1620GPH-6000L-H-Submersible-Water-Pump-Clean-Clear-Dirty-Pool-Pond-Flood-/222375310343?hash=item33c699f407:g:wDsAAOSwx6pYr9f4 Cooler / Heater My electrical engineer recommended to use 12V peltier thermoelectric cooler modules. The beauty about a peltier will be it can act as both heater and cooler, controlled through the central PLC. Using an independent 12V pump to circulate the water through a heat exchanger to cool or heat the water in the sump to bring it back to optimum temperature. Temperature probes will be placed in strategical places throughout the aquariums and sump to observe an average temperature distribution. Now the downside is that peltiers are quite inefficient and need relatively large heatsinks. I will let the engineer crunch some numbers on how big the system will need to be and maybe start with some small scale trials. Has anyone else played with such setup? Lighting Using LED lighting 12V is a given and pretty straight foward, I will decide later if we will build our own light systems or we just going to use off the shelf units. Ideally I would like to use dimmeable LED systems with broad spectrum LEDs for the planted tank.
  4. Small update, two 6ft tanks and one 4ft sump sitting in my shed. I ended up deciding to go with a single sump setup. After spinning some ideas with my electrical and instrumentation engineer at work, we have decided that we will engineer a complete off grid smart control system for this setup. The tank will be run off a 12/24V battery backed up solar system, controlled by a custom programmed PLC, which will monitor and control Temperature, water flow and lights and data log temperature, water flow to each tank, PH, O2/CO2 and some other parameters that I will identify as I go along. In addition it will also control an automated continuous water change system with auto top up, fed from a dedicated water tank and filtration system, which will also be monitored through the PLC. PLC will be accessible remotely via internet and will send warning emails if certain parameters are being triggered. Now two questions for the think tank: 1. My second 6ft tank is not drilled for sump, this tank is double glassed, can it be drilled, if so who can do this for me? 2. I was following someone on this forum who was building steel fish tank stands and powder coat them in Brisbane, but I seem to have lost him. Could someone point me into the right direction please, I'd like a custom rack build for this setup?
  5. Decrease lighting hours or increase CO2 dosage (or liquid carbon).
  6. welcome back, I regularly travel from Brissy to Toowoomba for work, so if you need anything brought up or down let me know, happy to help out if not too far away.
  7. A bit of a revival from the dead, but a bloody good idea. Anyone needs a hand moving stuff on the north side (morton bay area), happy to help out. Got large boot space and a towbar and am not afraid to use it On the same token hopefully sometime this year I may need a few hands on lifting my 6ft tanks on a new steel rack, but that's still afew month away Cheers Mike
  8. Thanks to @TheFuzzyAussie for not only helping me load his 6ft tank, but then also travel half an hour north to help me unload it at my place. Absolute legend! I hope you will enjoy your new 4ft tank!
  9. 1 tank in garage, one more to go. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. https://www.bunnings.com.au/knauf-insulation-1200-x-600-x-50mm-xps-multi-use-foam-board_p0811028
  11. I got 5x of the serenity 720lph internal filters for $10ea Also got one 305 external that I would consider letting go for the right price. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Are you chasing internal or external filters? I got a bunch of internal filters for $10 that can supplement your existing filter
  13. Today's max air temp at the tank is 42.1degC with water temperature at 29.2degC. (Northside Brisbane)
  14. I have a 2' tank outside under cover on my back patio as a trial to see how the tank reacts to temperature swings. Today with 39deg in the shade the water in the tank went up to 28.9degC. Now it has dropped back down to under 26degC. I have a temperature controller and timer on a 1' fan above the tank, which comes on at 26degC and turns off at 25degC. The larger the water volume the longer it will take to warm up and cool off. I actually found that the water from the tap during water changes is warmer than the water in the tank with the fan going over the day. The tank is not in direct sunlight, but get plenty of light for the java ferns to grow like crazy. Draw back is do have some algae on the side closest to the sun. I could put some cardboard on that side and probably completely eliminate that problem.
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