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  1. Ok ive tested 0 ammonia 0 nitrite and about 20ppm nitrate so i guess the tank is cycled! can someone please tell me what dosage of ammonia i should be putting in now while there are no fish in there? i wont to leave it a few days before i put my tropheus in there . also how much wc before fish go in ? thanks ben
  2. I have 2 Biopro 1200 canister filters which from what I can see the water goes to the bottom first then threw media etc out the top,where should my foam be ? In the bottom or top basket? Thanks ben
  3. So ive plucked what i could see out and squashed them have not seen any for 3 days so im thinking ive got them all
  4. Ok so ive setup my 4x2 for my tropheus and its been about a week now, the tank has 2 x 1200lph canisters i plucked alot of media from there existing tank canister as there was over kill of media in there existing caniister and ive put like 5 handfuls of substrate from there tank. so i used the flavul bio booster for the 3 days they recomend and been feeding the bacteria ammonia from dr timms dosing as he recommends i does the tank to 2 everyday. so ive checked everday ive got the same readings for the last 4 days ammonia is 0 after 24 hours of ammonia dosing,nitrates are at a safe level of 20ppm,which is all great but the nitrites are high tube going purple as drops are going in! now ive read alot of articles about this but get diff opinions one says it stalls the cycle and 90%wc needs to be done,then another article says hjust to keep feeding ammonia and wait it out. can someone please explain what needs to be done here? thanks ben
  5. Yeah thats what they look like not sure how they survived in the dry coral for the last few weeks?
  6. So ive set up my new 4x2 tank for my tropheus ive just started the cycle,any way i brought some used crushed coral and its full of snails. Is there something i can use to get rid of these that wont disturb the cycle? thanks ben
  7. I've got a terracotta pipe its about 300mm round by half a metre long. want to make it look like a bridge post,what sort of paint could I use to replicate a post ? thanks ben
  8. Just wondering if its possible to use 3mm acrylic as lids for my tank or will it buckle under the heat of the light? Thanks ben
  9. Im thinking it would be an ideal fail safe
  10. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/LED-AU-Plug-Reptile-Snake-Timer-Aquarium-Digital-Temp-Controller-Heat-Thermostat-/182128158245?hash=item2a67af2625 anyone used one of those in the link?
  11. Thanks guys went up to tech den today and spoke to guy (sorry im hopless with names)was the most helpful guy ive dealt with in a very long time. so i ended up buying 2 300 watt hydor heaters and will most prob be investing in a monitoring system once funds allow. once again thanks to tech den.
  12. Just wondering how many ppl use a chiller in brisbane on there freshwater tank? Setting up a 4x2 tank for my tropheus wondering if i really need a chiller,i dont have air con in the house and we r at work most of day so cant ad ice when required. Thanks in advance ben
  13. Can someone tell me what brands have the over heat safety feature ? I have heard far too many horror stories about fish being cooked because of heater malfunction ,i dont mean to dog the brand but jag heaters seem to be the most malfunctioning ones lately. i would rather spend a bit extra and buy one with this safety feature well as long as it is not just a 'gimmick'
  14. Thanks guys I have been experimenting with rock caves etc and have found it better to have one big structure caves etc and one small one so far the Dom male has kept his small cave but does sometimes creep into the big one but there's enough hiding places in this structure by the time he tries chasing one there hiding else where and he gives up and goes back to his own cave. As for kh gh I'm working on bringing it up slowly to where it is recommended,I'm still in belief that most fish will acclimatise if the water is some what where it needs to be,but will monitor how the fish go once the parameters are up.
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