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  1. Yeah that’s very true, considering the discus require such a high protein diet. Atleast you’ve got a cleanup crew haha. Wow that sucks, they definitely don’t go well with high protein diets, but I’ve found that they do however go well with some meat in their diet. That’s a nice collection. I wouldn’t mind adding 201’s and L007’s to my collection one day. Thank you though, I thought I would ask though as my l397’s breed regularly, and I thought to maybe swap for some different L’s and watch them grow.
  2. That’s okay :). My l397’s get fed the same as my l134’s. Mainly a vege diet, with 2 days a week of meat. I find this best for both species as it helps with the egg development in the l397’s and it makes the l134’s more active.
  3. also i think the number that you supplied is wrong
  4. would you be interested in swapping fry for fry? ive got L397's
  5. ive got 2 @3cm and 1 @5cm. $40 for the 3. Boronia heights, 25mins or so from you near browns plains.
  6. located boronia heights, QLD. I have a 5ft tank and stand for sale or swap for a 5ft sump. tank is 5ft x 45cm high, x 60cm wide. There is a hole on the side that can be plumbed into a sump. The hole you can see in the bottom of the tank is the foam as there is a piece missing. There are only 2 lids but they don’t cover the whole tank.
  7. Tanzanian mirrorball cichlids for sale: Males $80ea x 6 (12-14cm) Female $100 x 1 (9cm) Or buy the whole lot (all 7) $550. And I’ll throw in the OB peacock for free (last pic)
  8. I’ve got some that hatched last week, it will still be a while until they are ready though
  9. x1 young Royal whiptail male 7-8cm $40. Location: boronia heights, qld.
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