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  1. I have 4 proven breeding pairs of L397’s that I would like to either swap for l201 or l134 fry/sub adults, (or may consider x2 l046 4cm fry) to the same value (must be no smaller then 4cm). And or I will sell each pair for $200 for those who are interested in single pairs. They range from 9-10.5cm There are 4males and 4females. All have bred, and they receive a mixed diet of algae wafers, zucchini, bloodworms (only 1-2 times a week). This house is a corona virus free household. All fish will be caught and brought outside prior to arrival. A message 10mins before will be appreciated. Bring a bucket also for transport. No Shipping. No holds. No deposits. (Cash only, bring correct change).
  2. I’m after a female l201, one that is still young. thanks
  3. 9cm L397 male for sale $80 (price drop) Fed a mixed diet of zucchini, algae wafers, repashy, carrot, watermelon. Bring a bucket for transportation.
  4. Yeah that’s very true, considering the discus require such a high protein diet. Atleast you’ve got a cleanup crew haha. Wow that sucks, they definitely don’t go well with high protein diets, but I’ve found that they do however go well with some meat in their diet. That’s a nice collection. I wouldn’t mind adding 201’s and L007’s to my collection one day. Thank you though, I thought I would ask though as my l397’s breed regularly, and I thought to maybe swap for some different L’s and watch them grow.
  5. That’s okay :). My l397’s get fed the same as my l134’s. Mainly a vege diet, with 2 days a week of meat. I find this best for both species as it helps with the egg development in the l397’s and it makes the l134’s more active.
  6. would you be interested in swapping fry for fry? ive got L397's
  7. I think this guy does it illegally. He goes on a holiday and collects the sand in bags and sells them for $30 for 30kg of sand from Fraser. But the sand does look really nice in the tank
  8. Depends what look you want. Bunnings play sand is almost like a really light brown. Some landscape places may have some sand. Or there’s a guy at the Gold Coast that sells pure white sand from Fraser Island (nice and white). All need to be washed thoroughly though.
  9. hey julio i might b interested in ya mates fish cheers 

    1. Julio_13


      Which ones Steve?. If it’s the L270 and the peppermints they are all sold. 

  10. Welcome to the forum, what kind of catfish are you going to breed/ or are breeding now?. I keep and breed a few myself.
  11. I recommend protozin! And don’t turn the heat up as it speeds up the cycle of the white spot which with the wrong meds can make it breed like crazy and kill off fish. I used protozin and didn’t lose a single fish.
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