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  1. I don’t post at the moment. I might be able to deliver it within the next few weeks with a delivery fee. I’ll keep in touch
  2. I’ve got about 15 peppermint bristlenose juvies for sale. 3.5 - 4.5cm . Located boronia heights, qld. All my fish are wormed with a high quality discus wormer, and get fed a diet of algae wafers, zucchini, repashy and discus staple diet pellets.
  3. Julio_13

    FS - L270 JUVENILES 4 - 7CM

    Would you do a deal for all 5
  4. I’m wanting to buy a definite l397 female. Located boronia heights. The closer the better. Thanks
  5. Julio_13

    Aquarium sand

    Me to haha
  6. Julio_13

    Aquarium sand

    I think this guy does it illegally. He goes on a holiday and collects the sand in bags and sells them for $30 for 30kg of sand from Fraser. But the sand does look really nice in the tank
  7. Julio_13

    Aquarium sand

    Here you go bud :).
  8. Julio_13

    Aquarium sand

    Depends what look you want. Bunnings play sand is almost like a really light brown. Some landscape places may have some sand. Or there’s a guy at the Gold Coast that sells pure white sand from Fraser Island (nice and white). All need to be washed thoroughly though.
  9. hey julio i might b interested in ya mates fish cheers 

    1. Julio_13


      Which ones Steve?. If it’s the L270 and the peppermints they are all sold. 

  10. Julio_13

    New member from brisbane

    Welcome to the forum, what kind of catfish are you going to breed/ or are breeding now?. I keep and breed a few myself.
  11. Julio_13

    White spot

    I recommend protozin! And don’t turn the heat up as it speeds up the cycle of the white spot which with the wrong meds can make it breed like crazy and kill off fish. I used protozin and didn’t lose a single fish.
  12. Sorry no big L270 left

  13. Julio_13

    Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeg Tank

    Oh right so you can up the Lph or lower it?.