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  1. The petricola can also use a host as my brother has bred them using peacocks as the host. But they mostly breed on their own.
  2. Syndontis petricola breeding colony $150. There’s 7 in the colony, and they are 6-7cm. Excellent breeders. As it is hard to get photos, you are welcome to come and have a look at them. Please bring a bucket upon pickup and the correct change. Located boronia Heights, qld.
  3. Selling an OB peacock male. $25 He is about 12cm and has a nice pattern. Located boronia heights, qld.
  4. Selling a trio of blue dolphins. the male is Albino and the females are blue. The male is about 12cm+ and the females are 9-10cm. Both females have had many batches of eggs and they hold for the whole 2-3weeks it takes for the fry to hatch and absorb their egg sack. $100 for the 3 Located boronia heights, qld.
  5. I have 7 Tanzania mirrorball cichlid ADULTS for sale. 6 are males and there is 1 female. All of the males are 12 cm and the female is a bit smaller at 9-10cm. I’ve witnessed her lay 2 batches of eggs already. Some of the males are showing nice mirrorball patterns already. Selling because I am planning on moving out soon so I have to sell a few fish and a tank. located boronia heights, qld. (FEMALE WILL NOT BE SOLD SEPERATELY)
  6. not these but he does have a white pair that had fry recently so it will be a bit until those are ready
  7. Sorry I thought I put a price. $300 for the proven breeding pair. They are due to breed again as there last batch was a few weeks ago
  8. L333 juvies for sale: 3-3.5cm $30ea or 4 for $100 Location: Yarrabilba, qld (near Beenleigh). Advertising for my brother. Pm me for his contact info
  9. Proven breeding pair of l333’s $300. The first 3 photos are the male and the 2md last photo is the female. They are both 10cm i will make a seperate post with the fry that are also for sale. Location: Yarrabilba, qld (near Beenleigh). Advertising for my brother. Pm me for his contact info.
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