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  1. Hey John, I’m not breeding fish anymore. I’m selling everything and just keeping some normal guppies and normal catfish for my children. I have sold all of my other fish that I used to breed
  2. * $800 Or Nearest Offer * x3 3ft tanks (90cm x 38cm x 45cm) (One is divided) x2 glass pieces to divide another tank x2 1000lph internal filters (Ocean Free Smart 1000) x7 sponge filters x1 (Petworx wxa-301) 35L/m Air pump x2 Led lights (2 modes, blue light and white light) x1 batten light x2 100w heaters All tanks hold water perfectly, and are still currently holding water. I Have most of the lids for the tanks. LOCATED: Park Ridge, QLD 4125 25x25mm steel rack (welded), with foam and a thin piece of ply on each tier. Might also throw in a few extras (bag of shrimp substrate, driftwood, sponge filters, hose for water change if wanted). The driftwood and plants in the photo are included, except for the moss which isn’t included and is in the bottom tank.
  3. I think this guy does it illegally. He goes on a holiday and collects the sand in bags and sells them for $30 for 30kg of sand from Fraser. But the sand does look really nice in the tank
  4. Depends what look you want. Bunnings play sand is almost like a really light brown. Some landscape places may have some sand. Or there’s a guy at the Gold Coast that sells pure white sand from Fraser Island (nice and white). All need to be washed thoroughly though.
  5. hey julio i might b interested in ya mates fish cheers 

    1. Julio_13


      Which ones Steve?. If it’s the L270 and the peppermints they are all sold. 

  6. Welcome to the forum, what kind of catfish are you going to breed/ or are breeding now?. I keep and breed a few myself.
  7. I recommend protozin! And don’t turn the heat up as it speeds up the cycle of the white spot which with the wrong meds can make it breed like crazy and kill off fish. I used protozin and didn’t lose a single fish.
  8. Sorry no big L270 left

  9. Great setup!. Is that a digital temperature gauge?.
  10. Welcome!. There are plenty to choose from haha. I’ve got some 4cm dolphin cichlids for sale at the moment :).
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