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  1. Julio_13

    WTB - L134 Male

    That’s alright Chris, it was good to meet you. Thanks haha my setup could be better and I’ll work on that one day but it’s good to hear things like that from other fish hobby enthusiasts. I hope you enjoy the l134 male, he’ll be a great addition to your colony
  2. Julio_13

    WTB - L134 Male

    If you’re interested let me know and I’ll try and get a photo tomorrow
  3. Julio_13

    WTB - L134 Male

    Ive got 1 6cm male that I could spare. $150 and I’m in boronia heights
  4. Hey so sorry, I couldn’t access the website. Yes I do know the genders. The 2 9cm ones I’m not 100% about. But the others there are 3 male and 4female. You can collect tomorrow if you’re still interested?.
  5. Still for sale, only 4 left
  6. Julio_13

    WTB - L134 Male

    I’ve got 5 juvies myself 4.5-6cm. The 2 6cm ones I know are males but I’m waiting for them to all grow up to see what I have haha.
  7. Julio_13

    WTB - L134 Male

    Do you have females?. Would you ever consider selling some of your adults?.
  8. Now $60ea. half the colony for $300 (5 fish).
  9. Syndontis multipunctatus (cuckoo catfish) colony for sale: The colony consists of 10 adults 12-15cm (2 a bit smaller 8-10cm females) All 10 for $700!. There are 6 females and 4males Will split the colony in half (2 males, 3 females $350). Price is firm. Pickup from boronia heights. If you require more photos let me know.
  10. Julio_13

    Aquarium sand

    Me to haha
  11. Julio_13

    Aquarium sand

    I think this guy does it illegally. He goes on a holiday and collects the sand in bags and sells them for $30 for 30kg of sand from Fraser. But the sand does look really nice in the tank
  12. Julio_13

    Aquarium sand

    Here you go bud :).
  13. Julio_13

    Aquarium sand

    Depends what look you want. Bunnings play sand is almost like a really light brown. Some landscape places may have some sand. Or there’s a guy at the Gold Coast that sells pure white sand from Fraser Island (nice and white). All need to be washed thoroughly though.
  14. hey julio i might b interested in ya mates fish cheers 

    1. Julio_13


      Which ones Steve?. If it’s the L270 and the peppermints they are all sold.