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  1. Ebay was the cheapest I found. Around 130 dollars for a 2.6kg co2 cylinder delivered.
  2. New Oscar tank

    I'll let the Oscars grow up a bit for now. Interesting going from planted community tank to no plants and having to really think about Co habitation. I've been lucky so far with my planted community tanks in that the only victims have been baby cherry shrimp. The plus side I've gone from 4 planted tanks to 1.
  3. inert substrate sand

    I bought filter sand from a pool shop. Brand is river sands. Comes in different grain sizes. Few places stock it south Brisbane. I think a place in Logan or Underwood stocked a few different grain sizes.
  4. New Oscar tank

    Yeah finding it hard to figure out what else to put in there other than silver dollar and convicts. Open to suggestions if anyone has any random thoughts. Cheers for the input everyone.
  5. New Oscar tank

    The Oscars are quite small 5-8cm. Was told the convicts were a bit aggressive and might have a go at the Oscars.
  6. New Oscar tank

    So far there is a red tiger Oscar and an albino tiger Oscar. Named by my 4 year old. Cupcake and snow flake. Was told to wait before getting some convicts till the Oscars are a bit bigger.
  7. So the only sponges you run are the outer sponges?
  8. New Oscar tank

    I've read that when Oscars mature they prefer to be solo and can be aggressive towards other Oscars even if they grew up together.
  9. Hello all, Have started setting up a tank for my wife. I've only ever done planted tanks up to 3ft so I'm a bit out of my depth with big fish. I've got myself a 6x2x2 and running a fx6 and a Fx4. Currently there is just a baby Oscar and a sail fin pleco who might be leaving as I figure one messy fish is enough. I like convicts but wondering in an Oscar tank if it's best to keep the types of fish to a minimum or if anyone has had success with variety and what worked? If I went Oscar, convicts and maybe silver dollars how many convicts and silver dollars would be suitable. Also read that gold vine isn't great for Oscar tanks as they will hurt themselves on them, true?
  10. Which plant fertiliser to use?

    https://www.thetechden.com.au/LCA_All_in_One_500ml_Premium_Liquid_Fertiliser_p/lca-premium-500ml.htm that's what I used before I started making my own. You wouldn't need to use much in a low tech set-up and it will cover all deficiencies just need to do water changes every week or two weeks.
  11. Oscar Tank Min Width

    Yep just what I thought. I'll be aiming for a 6x2x2 Min then. Really liked the 6ft g maher tank that's currently for sale on dry goods trader but will just have to wait for the right tank that the wife likes that suits. Cheers people
  12. Hello All, Wife wants an oscar and so the search is on for a tank. I just wanted to double check that 37cm width is too shallow for an oscar as my wife really likes one that is for sale on here atm but I'm pretty sure it would be on the small size regarding width once it's full grown. If someone can confirm or deny that would be helpful. Cheers
  13. How much cover? How much sun is too much when it comes to ponds? Sent from my D6653 using Tapatalk
  14. Cheers for the suggestion, I like the idea of natives over goldfish etc. Tempted to do some soil capped in gravel.
  15. Afternoon People, Scored a freestanding pond yesterday for $0. It's 1400 x 320 mm (round). I want to try a no pump, no filter pond and have read a bunch of stuff and just after some recommendations on how much plant mass I will need. Also for a pond this shallow what fish would be suitable and in what sort of quantities as I imagine a filter-less pond you don't want to overstock. Any assistance is greatly appreciated. cheers