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  1. I've used 10mm cross dowel on my fx6. Basically a metal version of what broke. You need to switch the screw around from memory.
  2. Good afternoon, Noticed my wife's albino oscar has some Mark's on it. Not sure if is from being attacked or a disease. Tank info Ammonia =0 Nitrite = 0 Nitrate = 0 Ph = 7.4 Temp = 26 6ftx2ftx2ft Filters = 1 x fx6, 1 x fx4 Fish - 2 x oscar, 4 x convicts, 8 x silver dollars Water changes are done every two weeks of approx 40 percent, topped up every other week. Behaviour - both Oscars are behaving as normal which is hanging around one end waiting for food, avoiding the convicts and their babies.
  3. Also consider makemyled. I've got their tube system on my 3ft high tech and I've also got a 2ft panel that I stopped using after the tank got some pest plant that ruined it. Both have grown whatever I've tried on like 50 percent strength.
  4. Hmmm my wife feeds those fish and most of the wood in there is old stuff apart from one piece of goldvine. Maybe she feeds too much.
  5. I have a 6x2x2 with 2x young Oscars, 1 x adult sailfish pleco and 4 x young convicts. I'm running 1 x fx4 and 1 x fx6. Just wondering if anyone thinks it's a good idea to run either the fx4 or fx6 with just mechanical filtration rather than noodles and matrix. Finding tank starts to go yellow after around 2 weeks I'm guessing from all the poo from the three poo machines. I tend to do a 50 percent water change every 2nd week. Was doing 25 percent every week but found it didn't change the yellow tinge enough. Also I currently use a siphon to clean the poo but find its flow isn't always strong enough to quickly draw the poo out, often have to end up sucking a bit of sand out to get rid of it. Any tips?
  6. Ebay was the cheapest I found. Around 130 dollars for a 2.6kg co2 cylinder delivered.
  7. I'll let the Oscars grow up a bit for now. Interesting going from planted community tank to no plants and having to really think about Co habitation. I've been lucky so far with my planted community tanks in that the only victims have been baby cherry shrimp. The plus side I've gone from 4 planted tanks to 1.
  8. I bought filter sand from a pool shop. Brand is river sands. Comes in different grain sizes. Few places stock it south Brisbane. I think a place in Logan or Underwood stocked a few different grain sizes.
  9. Yeah finding it hard to figure out what else to put in there other than silver dollar and convicts. Open to suggestions if anyone has any random thoughts. Cheers for the input everyone.
  10. The Oscars are quite small 5-8cm. Was told the convicts were a bit aggressive and might have a go at the Oscars.
  11. So far there is a red tiger Oscar and an albino tiger Oscar. Named by my 4 year old. Cupcake and snow flake. Was told to wait before getting some convicts till the Oscars are a bit bigger.
  12. I've read that when Oscars mature they prefer to be solo and can be aggressive towards other Oscars even if they grew up together.
  13. Hello all, Have started setting up a tank for my wife. I've only ever done planted tanks up to 3ft so I'm a bit out of my depth with big fish. I've got myself a 6x2x2 and running a fx6 and a Fx4. Currently there is just a baby Oscar and a sail fin pleco who might be leaving as I figure one messy fish is enough. I like convicts but wondering in an Oscar tank if it's best to keep the types of fish to a minimum or if anyone has had success with variety and what worked? If I went Oscar, convicts and maybe silver dollars how many convicts and silver dollars would be suitable. Also read that gold vine isn't great for Oscar tanks as they will hurt themselves on them, true?
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