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  1. 6x2x2 $450

    if it's still around will come look at it next weekend if your free. Will message you closer to the weekend unless I see that it's sold. cheers
  2. 6x2x2 $450

    is the piece of wood under the door there for a reason like holding the door up or just random coincidence?
  3. I agree good, was very close to buying them and putting them in the tank I'm meant to be shuting down.
  4. Plant pack

    Currently on hold
  5. Plant pack

    For sale surplus plants from my high tech tank. Aponogeton Crispus Lots of hygrophila polysperma 'sunset' Lots of Limnophila hippuroides Bunch of blyxa japonica Plus some random stuff from my low light tank which I think it's marble queen and water rose. For everything $30 pickup Mt gravatt
  6. Oscar Tank Min Width

    Yep just what I thought. I'll be aiming for a 6x2x2 Min then. Really liked the 6ft g maher tank that's currently for sale on dry goods trader but will just have to wait for the right tank that the wife likes that suits. Cheers people
  7. Hello All, Wife wants an oscar and so the search is on for a tank. I just wanted to double check that 37cm width is too shallow for an oscar as my wife really likes one that is for sale on here atm but I'm pretty sure it would be on the small size regarding width once it's full grown. If someone can confirm or deny that would be helpful. Cheers
  8. F.S. 6 foot complete setup G.Maher

    Omg I love this tank, nowhere to put it though. Out of curiosity how tall overall is it?
  9. How much cover? How much sun is too much when it comes to ponds? Sent from my D6653 using Tapatalk
  10. Cheers for the suggestion, I like the idea of natives over goldfish etc. Tempted to do some soil capped in gravel.
  11. Afternoon People, Scored a freestanding pond yesterday for $0. It's 1400 x 320 mm (round). I want to try a no pump, no filter pond and have read a bunch of stuff and just after some recommendations on how much plant mass I will need. Also for a pond this shallow what fish would be suitable and in what sort of quantities as I imagine a filter-less pond you don't want to overstock. Any assistance is greatly appreciated. cheers
  12. Evening People, One of my tanks cracked and I've had to move them into my main tank. Want to make sure I'm not overstocked for my tank now. Annoyingly I was just about to order 10 x Pygmy Cory's but I'm afraid I'm at capacity. Fish: 3 x congo tetras 3 x black widow tetras 15 x cardinal tetras 7 x cherry barbs 3 x ottocinclus??? saw two the other night but I saw 3 a while back. 4 x SAE 5 x Zebra Danios 5 x Common bristlenose - 1 x adult, 4 x jueviniles 1 x peackock eel Tank: AR980T - 240L Filters: Eheim 2217 and Otto PF1200N Plants: Medium to Heavily Planted. CO2: Yes Ferts: EI method Food: Everyday - newlife spectrum thera A+ (small fish), twice a week - hikari algae wafers, once a week - frozen blood worm, once a week - zucchini, every 3 - 4 weeks live blackworm. Cheers
  13. Moss ID

    Just checking that this is Java moss and not something else like a type of algae (even though it looks like there is algae on whatever it is) Cheers
  14. Light Conversion Help

    Hi Julli, I've got an AR980 and you can fit 4 x MML tubes in the original hood. Only "mod" I did was cut some more vent holes in the hood to let out more heat. I plan on replacing the hood just so that I can spread the lights out more and because I've already replaced the filter with a canister filter (old top filter is currently storage for fish stuff I don't want the kids getting at). Any questions let me know. Cheers