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  1. Hi all, I have a tank that is 218cm long by 37 cm high by 49 cm wide, the current stand that came with it is rusted and falling apart so will need a new stand, are there any shops or individuals that make them at all that I could get in contact with? I was looking at aquriums are us but their stands are outside the dimensions of the tank.
  2. Also been looking at the Aqua One Nautilus series. Long term plans, not sure as yet. We have these Goldfish for a few years now. They started in a 60 liter tank and were upgraded to current 3ft. t
  3. I've recently purchased a 8 ft x1.5 ft by 1.5 ft tank. Upgrading from my current 3ft. I need suggestions for filter systems. Currently, in the tank is As crazy as it is, three Gold Fish, 3 ghosts(Bottom feeders), 1 sucking catfish and a snail. I have seen suggestions for an fx5/6
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