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  1. i went with the Schego 3x600watt heaters, should be plenty of power to heat the tank, and ill probably grab 2x300watt ehiems for back up if i ever need it but i wont get them till down the line cheers everyone for your help, really appreciate it =] ps. got them from here https://freshbydesign.com.au/aquaponic-aquaculture-products/heating-cooling/schego-titanium-heaters-300w-2400w/ cheaper then tech den, if anyone in the future is looking at getting some
  2. yea i was looking at tech den, saw the Schego 2x 600watt heaters and the 3x 600watt heaters didn't know if 1800 watts was over kill or not? also thought instead of 2x600watt heaters would it be better to get 4x 300watt heaters? im not sure if its all the same and doesn't mater or there is science behind using the bigger heaters vs lots of small ones
  3. so its finally looking like a possibility to move one of my bigger tanks home and im trying to figure out what size heaters i really need so many people say 1 watt per Litre or 5 watts per gallon, but being in queensland and it only getting colder for 3-5 months a year what wattage do you guys generally use tank + sump will be about 3000L total and the tank will be in a garage, so slightly colder then the middle of the house but being 3000L it would take a while to cool down compared to a smaller tank any help would be greatly appreciated
  4. thanks for the reply mate, i might post some photos in the future when its set up
  5. so i built a paludarium, the total tank is 100x100x50cm with a smaller tank inside thats 70x70x25cm, the "aquarium" part is to be the outside and the inside a "terrarium" the aquarium part is 100x15x25cm around the whole 4 sides, curious if you think i should brace it or it will be ok, if you need more info just ask Cheers, Colin
  6. i have a 72x36x15 glass tank thats 5mm thick glass, not braced its currently used as a sump but im curious if i could use it as a tank? or like a turtle tank its only built to be filled 60%-70% full the only bracing is whats shown in the photo on each side
  7. im not an expert but i believe if the turn over of water is too fast the bio filtration wont work as efficiently as it can, like the water will move so fast the bacteria wont be able to actually clean the water if you know what i mean? if someone else can confirm this??
  8. i think a 6x2x2 would be a pretty perfect size as long as you can fit it in the stand you get built with enough room above it to do maintenance, last time i check a new 6x2x2 was $350-400 and second hand you can get them like $150-200 ( but you would probably want to reseal it ) honestly im loving your ideas about this build but i cant get my head around the 10x turn over per hour haha even with it being heavily mechanical and having multiply sections after that, i think its over kill in my opinion and just going to add extra cost and problems thats not needed ~~ again just my honest opinion
  9. flexible hose is defiantly a better option then pvc imo and it does allow you to get a less powerful pump! where are you thinking of having the drains and returns?? is there a reason why your going 10x turn over per hour?? most of the sumps iv seen and made aim for 3-4x an hour, could be a different type then normal but 10x seems overkill yea a drip system is defiantly going to make your tank run smoothly with no more need to do water changes and can be adjusted if your bio load starts to climb i havn't seen glass but i have seen people wrap there stands and then use magnets on finished wood panelling to make removable doors that look nice heater controllers are a bit weird for me, id love to make one myself but with the laws how they are in aus it makes doing your own electrical work harder then it needs to be =[
  10. for the sump you could get a pretty cheap second hand 6x2x2 because there pretty easy to find( then just reseal it and polish it if you want it display quality) plumbing really depends on what you like, you could do bulkheads on the side or back of the aquarium, maybe a strand pipe in both back corners then have the return in the middle spraying towards both side?? id say its pretty easy to do the plumbing any way you like just play around with drawings and see what you like personally id get a heater controller because once you start talking big, expensive tanks and fish you dont want to boil your fish and ( i think there pretty cheap for the peace of mind ) as for how many heaters and watts id say it depends where you plan to keep your tank, a garage will get colder in winter and hotter in summer compared to a main room in the house id say the pump depends on what type of media your using in your sump and how much of a turn over you need per hour im no expert at all but if you have any other ideas or questions just ask
  11. Hey guys, hopefully soon ill be setting up my tank and hopefully housing 2 rays and 3 peacock bass, i have about 40Kg of ceramic balls, 10Kg of ceramic tubes, 10Kg of the other media shown obviously waste all depends on feeding and the size of the fish but do you think this would be enough for the stocking? i have 50L of K1 which i could add but i would need to get a bigger sump made Cheers for any help or advice
  12. id just check the power it uses being a pond pump it may draw a lot more power then i canister meant for a tank
  13. i have a feeling its going to be random talks about conspiracy theories but hopefully soon we shall know
  14. id be interested in having a look, if an admin wants to pm me the password
  15. about to move my big tank into the house and then slowly get it all set up and runnning
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