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  1. Yeah i was think tetra tank mabye some small cichlids
  2. Hey guys kind of an open question but i am starting up a little three foot 150L tank and cant decide on what fish to put in it. i am cycleing it now but i love tropical tanks with plants so anyone got suggestions for a pretty and interesting fish that gets along with others doent get to big and wont eat plants...oh and wont cost me an arm and a leg per fish ( eg $200 per fish)
  3. Ok got a 2 foot light from bunnings and built a housing for it and got a tropical tank fluro tube and it all cost about $40
  4. I am wanting to get a three foot light for my tank and i dont want to spend the big bucks at a pet store, i just need an Led light sutable for plants and tetras i am not setting up a fancy planted aquascape so i dont need any super expensive lighting. where is the best place to get cheap led lighting for my tank...eBay maybe?
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