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  1. Paintable finish on msg, marine ply would look terrible painted. It is panted and gapped everywhere. No not worried about water as it doesn't come into contact.
  2. Bit of a change up, some new holey rock and all frontosa tank!
  3. Been a bit lazy lately but it's slowly getting there.
  4. I'm running a 12000lph jebao, ph levels no trouble. I have aragonite coral sand as substrate, keeps it high and hard.
  5. Slowly getting more fish in and doing the finishing off then I will spend some time on the scape.
  6. Hey Colin, given the width of the tank I felt a drain in each corner would be beneficial. The other reason is the tank is full walk around so no plumbing on the outsides.
  7. Cheers mate but only really after f1 or ex peacocks. How much are the cuckoos?
  8. Slowly getting there, need some nice holy rock and bout 20l of macropore haha
  9. Haha they are actually dear fish. Bout half my media the other half is cycled in my other tank.
  10. Finally starting to get some stuff in the tank.
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