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  1. Hi All, Now that my holiday has been cancelled, I am setting up my big tank. To get idea parameters, i have to mix half rainwater and half tap to get my desired parameters. I would like to know what containers (ie rubbish bins) that are suitable for water mixing. I only need to mix about 60-100lt at a time. I have seen a lot written, but i thought i would ask for an aussie opinion. Thanks Joseph
  2. Thanks everyone, No recent pics, stupid power outages. I have to leave the tank empty whilst i go to the gold coast for a couple of months. I have family to look after my tanks while im away, but i can't expect them to cycle it for me. When i get back, my first thing is to get it filled and cycling. I also need to get a generator, i dont want to risk the big tank.
  3. I have a large garden. I have run out of maintenance on it at the moment. Waiting for the weeds to grow lol
  4. Hi Neptune, I am 21, but i have several disabilities. They affect my hand eye coordination a lot. it's not safe for me to use power tools. I live with my grandparents who have cared for me for my whole life, They have said no power tools after the band saw incident in high school. I have several hobbies, mostly textile based, but fishkeeping is really good for my mental state. Watching the fish and the maintenance helps me to have a routine.
  5. I do have some nice rocks in my garden... hmmm that might work. How would you suggest i clean them???? I tried driftwood years ago, I cured it (boiled it) after about a month in the tank it went really mouldy and killed everything. Im kinda hesitant to do driftwood. But if you can tell me how to do it right, Ill deffs give it a go.
  6. The stand is now in place in the house, The tank is ready to be moved in. Now i need to plan my scape, I don't really like driftwood, And rocks are hard to come by around these parts, What would y'all recomend????
  7. First coat of paint done. Waiting a few days for it to cure before i lightly sand and then add another coat. As soon as i get the canisters and filters ill start cycling the filters. So that in a few weeks when the stand has cured. And i get the new power circuit put in. The tank will close to be able to handle livestock. Im going to fishless cycle with ammonium chloride powder. So the cycle should be rather rapid with the heaters cranked up and plenty of airation.
  8. Id like to start my first marine tank. and i thought this would be a good way to get everyone's opinion without congestion. So peeps. If you had someone come to you and say. I want to start my first marine tank. What should i do? Before they get started what recommendations would you make to them on the following topics. Assuming that they understand freshwater fish keeping Min & Max tank size: Livestock: Lighting: Heating: Filtration: Live Rock, Base Rock or Other: Wavemakers or Powerheads: Salt Mixes: Test Kits / Meters: Pre Tank Filtration (RODI ect.) Sumps: Skimmers, Reactors and other misc equipment of this type: Suppliments: Other: Thanks. And if this isnt ok. please tell me.
  9. I havent made the purchase yet. the spectrum of the old T8's i used to use. Only because thats what was sold locally. If you can reccomend a better spectrum im more than willing! Any reason to buy new gear lol
  10. Ok. Heres some more info. Please forgive my sub par drawings lol This is the plan (at the moment) for the canopy. Hopefully will be 10" tall. Will include top down web streaming camera. (24hr cam view) 2 bays of LED lights. 6 case fans for cooling and venting. DIY broadcasting controller (temp and ph) (raspberry PI and Arduino) The Fans will be on thermostatic & smartphone and web control (the system will be released opensource when its finished.) The front would be a fold up style hatch in an L shape. Cheers Guys
  11. Went to the paintshop today. Got a tin of gloss enamel for the stand and canopy. Waiting for a nice warm and sunny day to do the painting. Also picked up 20kg of gravel. Will need 3 more bags i think.
  12. Thanks guys. If you have any good reading material for "tuning" the co2 system I'd really appreciate it. I got the setup and operating downpat. Just not so sure on tuning the co2 to be the right levels for the tank. as to not over or underdose. When i had lemon tetra's before. they were too interested in their buddies than to touch the plants. Lets hope thats the case this time. My partner after he seen this tank. hes already given the go ahead for a divided 6ft shrimp tank. YAY. that will be the next build after this one Cheers peeps.
  13. Ill keep you updated Its going to be for 6 plaitnum angels and 10x Harlequin Rasboras and 15x lemon tetras. The plan is to get the angels small. and pair them off. Once paired off if they are happy ill leave them. if theres problems ill separate them into more tanks. Plants will be: Swords of some description. Havent decided yet. some java fern and moss Hydrocotyle japan. It will be aquascaped with rocks. gotta make a trip to the city to see what i can actually get. It will be lit with 6500k and 10000k LED's Black gravel substrate. I have never done Co2 before. But id love to learn. and do it right from the start. Ill let you know the progress as it happens. Gotta wait till payday for more supplies.
  14. After waiting for weeks my new tank got picked up by dad and grandad and brought home to me. Arrived safe after a 250km journey home. The tank is a 4'x20"x20" Im sooo excited i have been waiting my whole life for this. Hopefully this is the first of many more Theres the tank on my work table. Getting prepped for paint. Cleaned with Ajax Degreaser and Methylated spirits. I used a small fan heater to warm the glass to help the bond. I do this with all the tanks i paint. This is the paint i used Acrylic handycan 500ml. I thin my paint with a little metho when painting tanks. It seems to make the paint stick better. and it also makes the coating harder. and for a bonus it drys faster. after the first few VERY thin coats dried with the heater. I used ALL the paint to make a thick layer. But i did it slowly between cooking dinner and such. The raw pine stand to be painted. Starting to undercoat the stand. I will be painting it black. I wanted to undercoat for a bit more protection on the wood. Im making a canopy to match (with dad and grandads help as im not allowed to use power tools.) Yay for undercoat! This is my first time showing peeps my work. If i have done wrong. Let me know! Im going to try to update this thread with every step. If thats not wanted. please let me know Im going to clean up the tank tomorrow, and work some more on the stand. cheers peeps.
  15. Hey all. Im just reading about root tabs and they seem really pricey tbh. Not that i dont like API and SEACHEM but i dont really want to spend $40 a month on them I have been reading about the DIY routes some people go to and im not quite sure how to find the right fertilizers (that arent the yank version) to make the capsules. Anyway. I do have some MANUTEC water lily tablets that i used to use in the turtle pond. But they are fairly large. How would they go in an aquarium?? Could they be cut into smaller pieces and used. I dont want to have too much nutrients released into the tank and cause havoc. Do any of you use them? I really do like manutec products. I have been using them for years. All my orchid offsprings from my hybridizing were raised on their stuff. Thanks for any advice.
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