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  1. wallygerm

    Pepperment Bristlenose

    still have some for sale
  2. wallygerm

    Pepperment Bristlenose

    Still have some for sale
  3. wallygerm

    Pepperment Bristlenose

    still have some left getting bigger
  4. wallygerm

    Pepperment Bristlenose

    still plenty here
  5. wallygerm

    Pepperment Bristlenose

    No i dont ship Rocky
  6. wallygerm

    Pepperment Bristlenose

    Still Plenty here
  7. Peppermints 4-5 cm $15 each Min Buy 2 all sold unsexed Southern Gold Coast ,Tweed Heads
  8. wallygerm

    LFS Tour

    I think the problem with LFS these days is there are to many home breeders around now days (me included) that they can not compete with prices that the home breeder sells fish for. So they are not as good as they used be they just cannot compete The internet has made it alot easier for the home breeders to sell there fish, were years ago you had to go to the LFS to buy fish as local breeders could not advertise there fish
  9. wallygerm

    WTB Bristlenoses (Peppermints)

    Thanks for the mention guys
  10. wallygerm


    cowboymonkey clear your inbox
  11. wallygerm

    Xtreme Aquatic Food

    I have been told the same thing
  12. wallygerm

    House power tripping out

    I got my fish room put on its own circuit
  13. wallygerm

    How many tanks is every one running ?

    17 tanks ranging from 2ft to 6ft
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