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  1. Hey looking to my new 8 footer. Looking to buy exotics such as bichirs, tinfoils, flagtails, redhooks, giant gourmais or American cichlids. Let me know what you have as I might be interested. Any size is fyn Have a good Xmas !! Thanks
  2. rayboy62

    WTB 5x3 4x3 or 5x2 (LxW)

    Got a 6x4x2.5
  3. Looking to get a tank build Who builds them Have spoken to dennision just wana see if anyone else does them
  4. It's going from a garage at one house to underneath another house plenty of room
  5. Cheers mate need to move it from house to house going to be mission is
  6. Hi does anyone know or can reccomend anyone to move a 8x4x2.5