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  1. Breeding Setup

    800 for 1 ?
  2. wtb sump pump and lights

    ok cool il take it mate
  3. wtb sump pump and lights

    how much mate
  4. roughly 35 to 40cm pbass 250 ono
  5. pacu

    pacu for sale roughly 40cm big chunky fella $300
  6. 6x2.5x2.5 marine tank set up $1500.00

    How much just tank stand hood as that’s all I need
  7. 6x2.5x2.5 marine tank set up $1500.00

    Still for sale
  8. wtb sump pump 10,000lph plus also looking for lights to suit a 6x4 and sump media closer to brisbane city the better
  9. Looking to get a tank build Who builds them Have spoken to dennision just wana see if anyone else does them
  10. It's going from a garage at one house to underneath another house plenty of room
  11. Cheers mate need to move it from house to house going to be mission is
  12. Hi does anyone know or can reccomend anyone to move a 8x4x2.5