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  1. No experience with tiles in an aquarium. However I am a licensed builder and have done my share of very large water features. I would be going with a fully-vitrified (porcelain) tile and epoxy grout. Normal grout is cement based and not suitable for immersion, normal grout is cement based and will be alkaline also. Glazed clay-biscuit tiles have high water absorption and are not suitable for immersion.
  2. Mappins often have interesting woods
  3. I think magnetic cleaners are worse, get a grit of sand or gravel stuck and it will give you nice swirl marks. With the flat blades there is nothing to grab bits of sand. It’s easier to clean the glass than felt scrubbers and do you press lighter Ive not had any problems. steve
  4. Aqua one scraper multi clean tool http://www.aquaone.com.au/2018-02-20-00-40-42/maintenance-3/cleaning-maintenance/item/1892-94405
  5. 3 in one tool, extendable and can get new blades. Easy as.
  6. Hi is anyone entering the ekka comps? steve
  7. Because feeding imported fish to fish in Australia has a potential to introduce diseases from the origin country to our waters. Which is probably how the Logan river prawns got whitespot
  8. If anyone knows sand it’s a Brickie!
  9. Dragon fly nymph for sure. check out on YouTube. They are vicious and you’re lucky you found and destroyed it. steve
  10. Meh, it’s mulm and it feeds the beneficial bacteria. If nitrate was 20ppm then I say everything was top-top and I’d leave it well alone. I use sand in some areas, if it gets sucked up it just ends up in the garden, no biggie. Worse comes to worse, rinse what ever ends up in the bucket and put back in. Steve
  11. Smith’s is super clean and awesomely laid out with focus on fish not products. Friendly staff. Live foods. Annerley Aquarium is old school with lots of stuff... sells everything and anything. Exotic Fish Connections - geared up to sell fish with no fuss Tech Den - never been Age of Aquriums - great for plants and Donny is super knowledgeable. Pet City is epic. So many tanks, super impressive range of livestock and dry goods. Lots and lots of staff but not all “fish geeks”. Mappins great for driftwoods and random stuff that you didn’t expect to find. Half nursery, half aquarium, good for ponds. Don’t go looking for something in particular.
  12. Maximums with no bio filter 0, 0, 10 Maximums with bio filter 0.25, 0, 40 using API Master test kit and nitrate reagent shaken for 1minute per instructions. Steve
  13. Beautiful fish. Love the torpedo body shape too
  14. I’ve found it to be quite stable with the exception of one day a few years ago with a pH drop. I’m assuming it happened due to maintenance in the area (or they had to floc a heap of sediment and didn’t adjust back up enough). its certainly stable enough for a 10% daily water change My mate runs a plant for QUU and he reckons they adjust for pH and colour, add chlorine and ammonia and not much more. The QUU site has interesting reports on both water quality. https://www.urbanutilities.com.au/business/business-services/water-quality-data and mapping
  15. Those are some cool BN. What did they start from albinos or normal?
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