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  1. So after spotting a 8' tank on gumtree complete with stand that was within 50mm of my desired dimension, I jumped onto it and bought it. Pretty new tank. So I'm parking this project for the time being. It came with all the equipment for a big tank, some of which I'll use and some I will swap/sell. The tank I bough has rough-arrissed edges and corner frames and clear-float glass in the front, so it's not exactly what I wanted but it is the perfect size, so I will use it for a few years to see how I enjoy having a big tank. My dream tank was polished edges and low-iron on the front with frameless sides, predrilled for overflows. If I get the one I bought to a state that I like and still enjoy it in a year or two I will resurrect the DIY plans and swap them over. thanks everyone for your advice. I will start a new thread about how I set up the new tank. It'll be fully planted and possibly dirted.
  2. Yeah I do very little maintenance at the moment and also run little or no filtration on my little tanks. Filter just used for polishing and water movement with no bio media. Plants and gravel do plenty for me. I am hoping that with a bigger tank there is more buffer for problems too. I really don’t plan to be doing much more than feed them and scrape the glass and top up. I will probably put in a weir/overflow pipe to make top ups/water changes easier too. light stocking planned, mostly small bodied fish.
  3. No hood planned, will use lights suspended on wires. Eurobrace is good so I can put screens on top if needed, but probably will leave open. I’m wondering whether I can use corner matten filters and power heads rather than external filtration.
  4. Awesome great stuff. Appreciate the info. I’m assuming the calculator is for 4-edge support ie that the top is framed or eurobraced? I’m thinking 12mm low-iron front and 12mm float base, rear and sides. Is 12mm enough bite for the silicone on the base too? I may get the base toughened. the cabinet will be steel framed with HMR joinery. Unfortunately I didn’t think of a solar tube, what a great idea. I did however rough in cabling from the cabinet to the ceiling so that I can hang a cable-hung LED.
  5. Hi guys, I've been doing a pretty substantial reno at home and I'm nearing the end. While renovating I left a niche in the entry hall to take a new tank. I even put drainage and a water point in ready for my dream tank. Its my first big tank after playing with a couple of 2 foot tanks for the last 5 years. My tanks are heavily planted, lightly filtered which has worked out OK for me and the new one will be the same. Dimensions will be roughly 2700L x 600H x 450D and it will be a planted freshwater tank. I would have liked it deeper, but those were the dimensions I had to work with when doing the corridor. My plan is to plant it heavily and have a couple of gigantic schools of small body fish, ie tetras, raspora and pygmy cories with maybe a couple of mid-size feature fish gouramis or similar. I used to work for a big commercial glazing company and I'm pretty sure I'll be able to get wholesale on the glass and I'm familiar with the materials, techniques and tools so I'm thinking about giving this a go myself. I've rebuilt a couple of small tanks before with success and no leaks. I'm a while off starting but keen to start reading and planning. There are lots of online information but lots of it is american. I'm looking for Australian content regarding glass thickness calculations and silicone types/brands. Or threads / build journals for big tanks like this. Can anyone point me to some Aussie resources for this build?
  6. No experience with tiles in an aquarium. However I am a licensed builder and have done my share of very large water features. I would be going with a fully-vitrified (porcelain) tile and epoxy grout. Normal grout is cement based and not suitable for immersion, normal grout is cement based and will be alkaline also. Glazed clay-biscuit tiles have high water absorption and are not suitable for immersion.
  7. Mappins often have interesting woods
  8. I think magnetic cleaners are worse, get a grit of sand or gravel stuck and it will give you nice swirl marks. With the flat blades there is nothing to grab bits of sand. It’s easier to clean the glass than felt scrubbers and do you press lighter Ive not had any problems. steve
  9. Aqua one scraper multi clean tool http://www.aquaone.com.au/2018-02-20-00-40-42/maintenance-3/cleaning-maintenance/item/1892-94405
  10. 3 in one tool, extendable and can get new blades. Easy as.
  11. Hi is anyone entering the ekka comps? steve
  12. Because feeding imported fish to fish in Australia has a potential to introduce diseases from the origin country to our waters. Which is probably how the Logan river prawns got whitespot
  13. If anyone knows sand it’s a Brickie!
  14. Dragon fly nymph for sure. check out on YouTube. They are vicious and you’re lucky you found and destroyed it. steve
  15. Meh, it’s mulm and it feeds the beneficial bacteria. If nitrate was 20ppm then I say everything was top-top and I’d leave it well alone. I use sand in some areas, if it gets sucked up it just ends up in the garden, no biggie. Worse comes to worse, rinse what ever ends up in the bucket and put back in. Steve
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