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    Currently keeping planted community tank, mixed African cichlids, discus, QT tank, hospital tank, I got picked on by the others tank
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  1. Maybe we could invent one? If they don't that is. Grumpy cichlids?
  2. Ditto re Tech Den. Big range good prices cheap and fast delivery. Awesome service. Thanks guys!
  3. Aqua one looks nice. Low iron glass and extra gear. Plus you get warranty and no scratches (yet). I saw a Sydney mob online (eBay) with similar sleek looks. Similar pricing from memory. I say go for it and your wife will love it so much she will approve other tanks and you can get more tang biotopes happening! Good price if you compare it to a smaller Juwel rio 450 and other mid or up spec tanks. I like pool sand. No problems with impellers. You could bung on a prefilter and keep the intake higher if you are concerned. Eheim makes a nice one that fits many intake pipes.
  4. Hey Mark. I bought my wife a betta and nano tank (11litre) for her classroom. I don't know about plastic vs real plants but her betta died after about two weeks in her care. Her tank now has a plastic betta. It is doing well.
  5. Hey Gazza- there is a classifieds section of the forum (Dry Goods Trader) for selling equipment etc. Your post might get more visits from buyers if you put it there. Good luck with the sale.
  6. Nice big tank. Any more fish coming for it?
  7. Pics coming probably on the weekend. Bought my wife a car so I think we are square for a while...
  8. Hello everyone, I am back into fish keeping and decided to join the forum to learn more and get help with my issues: fish related of course. I kept American cichlids way back in the late 80s and still have my 2.5 footer from 1986! I am currently running a 180, 400 and 2x200 litre tanks. Plus a the old tank and a small hospital tank. Community planted aquarium, African cichlids, another community/discus tank (400 litre). Acquired a 5x2x2 recently and considering a tang community tank with a sump but I will probably need it for the malawis as they are growing fast... Most of this in the last 6 months. Wife still talks to me...
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